Sampling Methods Essay Paper

Sampling Methods Essay Paper

Remember, in quantitative research, the emphasis is on measuring social phenomenon because it is assumed that everything can be observed, measured, and quantified. On the other hand, in qualitative research, it is assumed that social phenomenon cannot be easily reduced and broken down into concepts that can be measured and quantified.Sampling Methods Essay Paper Instead, there may be different meanings to phenomenon and experiences. Often in qualitative research, researchers use interviews, focus groups and observations to gather data and then report their findings using words and quotations.


Consider how these different methods affect the sampling design and recruitment strategy, and ask yourself how the recruitment of research participants will affect the findings.

For this Assignment, submit a 3-4 page paper. Complete the following:

  • Read your selected empirical research article, and identify whether the study is a quantitative or qualitative study. Justify the reasons why you believe it is a quantitative or qualitative study. (Your instructor will indicate to you if you are correct in identifying the research design. This will point you to whether you will use the “Quantitative Article and Review Critique” or the “Qualitative Article and Review Critique” guidelines for the final assignment in week 10.)Sampling Methods Essay Paper
  • Using the empirical research article, focus on the sampling method in the study and begin to evaluate the sampling method by answering the following:
    • Describe the sampling methods in your own words (paraphrase, do not quote from the article).
    • Describe the generalizability or the transferability of the research finding based on the sampling method.
    • Discuss the limitations the article identified with the sample and how those limitations affect the reliability or credibility.
    • Explain one recommendation you would make to improve the sampling plan of the study that would address these limitations in future research.
Sampling is the framework on which any form of research is carried out. A suitable sample that meets the inclusion and exclusion criteria of a research design must be chosen from a given population to carry out studies. In this essay comparison is made between stratified random sampling and convenience sampling.Sampling Methods Essay Paper The population on which the researcher is interested in carrying out his or her research may be too large, therefore a suitable sample which can represent the population in correct proportion must be chosen. Restraints such as limitation of time, resources and many other factors necessitate the selection of a sample for research purpose so that better quality data is obtained from it and that the researcher can make statement about…show more content…
The methodological strength and weaknesses of this two sampling methods is discussed in terms of identifying the samples for research, the representativeness it possesses to the general population, the methods and the outcome. Stratified random sampling is a probability sampling where the selection of sampling unit is left to a random process, all units in the sample has an equal and non-zero chance of being selected on a probability ground or chance and not on the choice or judgement of the researcher (Sim,J and Wright,C. 2000,). Convenience sampling is an example of non probability sampling where the selection of the units is not by chance, rather it is dependent on the researcher’s judgement, the researcher decides the samples to be included in the study which may be subject to availability, time, individual preferences etc. The probability of selection of a particular sampling unit may or may not be known. Stratified random sampling is commonly done in quantitative researches. When the samples reflect the characteristics of the target population in the same proportion; assumptions can be made on generalizing the data acquired from these samples provided it has been done correctly, since it is statistically representative (Sim,J and wright,C.,2000) but sampling error. Sampling Methods Essay Paper
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