Assignment Interview a Professional

Assignment Interview a Professional

Assignment Interview a Professional

Communicate via phone, video conference, or face-to-face with a professional who provides services to the group of people that you have identified for your final project.  Use this interview as an opportunity to clarify your understanding of the issue and the people impacted by it. Even though you have discussed your list of questions with your classmates and instructor, it is up to you which specific questions you will ask during your interview. Assignment: Interview a Professional

Interview this professional on topics such as the population in general, the problems in general, what specific steps the organization has taken to address the issue, the outcomes of those efforts, areas still needing to be addressed, and any other topics relevant to your needs assessment. Walk away with a detailed understanding of the problem. Remember, you are using the information that the professional shares with you to inform your research and critical analysis of the issue.  It is your responsibility to complete the components of your final project. Assignment Interview a Professional

Submit to the Assignment Dropbox “Module 3 Assignment: Interview a Professional”, by the due date listed on the syllabus

Writing Standards:

  • Your assignment should be between 250-325 words in length (typically, one to one and half double-spaced pages), not counting cover page, reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables.
  • Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page (if using references), and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook.
  • At least one references is required for the assignment, unless otherwise stated in the instructions.  Please format them in the most current APA format.
  • Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading.

In this activity, find and select a local Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) agency practitioner, a child welfare service provider, or a child protective service practitioner to interview. For example, you may interview a professional within a foster care placement agency, adoption agency, or respite care agency.

You can also interview a child welfare service practitioner from a local child protective services agency. The purpose of this interview is to learn about the different ways that a professional can protect children whil e working in the field. Additionally, you will learn about the role of protective services and the need for multisystem involvement. Assignment Interview a Professional

Ask questions that allow you to add to your knowledge about how protective services can assist children through various systems. In addition, review the questions that need to be addressed in the journal assignment to ensure that you can answer them all completely. You should prepare additional interview questions, building from these sample questions, below:

  1. What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of working in your position?
  2. In what ways do you think the child welfare system is effective at meeting the needs of today’s families?
  3. What are some of the best methods that you use to protect children that you have discovered are neglected or abused?
  4. What service delivery mechanisms are most helpful in working with child welfare services?
  5. How are collaborations with different agencies utilized to protect abused or neglected children?

Then, prepare a reflective journal assignment on your interview that addresses three of the following questions:

  1. What is the mission or job of your selected interviewee?
  2. What is the primary service delivery mechanism utilized by the child welfare provider?
  3. What are common ethical and legal issues experienced by the interviewee?
  4. What advice would the interviewee give to a future human service practitioner?

You may include any additional information obtained from your interview in addition to your responses to the above four questions. Note that the interview may be in person, by phone, or via email. Assignment Interview a Professional

Interview a Professional

You will interview a working professional whose field of work interests you. The idea is to explore a career of interest. Use this interview as an opportunity to find out more about the persons career. Below are question to guide you through the interview.  Please make sure you provide the following information below in your responses. Please do the interview over the phone or through Skype or Zoom or another way that still honors the social distancing. Assignment Interview a Professional

You CANNOT interview immediate family relatives. This assignment must be typed with complete sentences. You will have 8 paragraphs in total; however this does not have to be done in essay format. You must also provide a business card/brochure for the individual you decide to interview with their contact information (Name, Phone, Email, and Job Title). Upload their information with your document or copy and paste it into your document.


Paragraph 1: The Career

  • Name of Occupation/Person. (nurse etc.)
  • Broad field in which the occupation is found. (Health Care etc.)
  • List of specific activities required by the occupation. (Draw blood, prepare reports, attend meetings, etc.)
  • Salary Range

Paragraph 2: Preparation for the Career Assignment Interview a Professional

  • What education is required?  What college major?  Is there any technical or special schooling required?
  • What experience is required before entry to this occupation?
  • Is there a license or certificate required?
  • What other types of jobs might this educational path prepare you for?

Paragraph 3: Future

  • What is the demand for this occupation in the future?
  • Are there possibilities for advancement?
  • How are promotions achieved? (Seniority, Merit, Continuing Education?)
  • What are some job titles to which promotions may be achieved?

Paragraph 4: Working Conditions

  • Where is the work performed (office, outdoors etc.)
  • Are there any physical hazards?
  • What are the hours of work?  Is it steady or seasonal? Evenings or weekends? Holidays?

Paragraph 5: Advantages and Disadvantages Assignment Interview a Professional

  • What do you see as the pros and cons of this career?

Paragraph 6: Please discuss what you learned from this interview.

  • Positive key points
  • Negative key points
  • Are you still interested in this career?
  • Why did you decide to interview this person and learn about their career?
  • Did this interview provide you with a good amount of information?

Paragraph 7: Overall, did you find this assignment/interview helpful?

  • Why or why not? Explain
  • Was it easy finding someone to interview?

Paragraph 8: Is there any additional information you would like to include? Assignment Interview a Professional