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Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion

Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion

Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion

Mystical Experiences, Task No. 3 Mystics and instructors who claim to have experienced out-of-this-world encounters with God are held in high regard across the religious spectrum. The mystical experience refers to such direct contact with God. Mystical comes from the Greek word muo, which means “to hide.”

Mystics, in a sense, are the only ones privy to God’s true manifestation. Mystics from every major faith tradition have testified to having had direct encounters with God, describing Him as “indescribable” and “overpowering” beyond any human language. Sages, or enlightened individuals in Hinduism and Buddhism, are known for their ability to separate themselves from daily life. Some philosophers of religion have speculated that these experiences may be the same because of the similarities they share across cultures and religions in terms of how they are described.

It’s possible that at their heart, all religions share a similar mystical essence. The existence of a personal connection to God lies at the heart of the divergent points of view. Mystic, as it is used in this class, refers to an adherent of a monotheistic religion or a follower of Hinduism who claims to have had a personal encounter with the Ultimate Reality.

Nothing about crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, magic, or superstition has any place in this definition of mysticism. Instead, it is the unspoken core of a major religious belief system. Please respond to the following questions in a brief (500 word) essay. Please utilize proper APA format for your citations and paper formatting, and remember to include at least one reference with your project.

1.Explain what you mean by “mystical experience” and give an example from one of the five religions we’ve covered in class. Second, having a mystical experience can drastically alter your life. Give an account of the good and the bad that befell a mystic of the faith you specified in the first question. Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion

Thirdly, what kind of lifestyle encourages mystical insights? I was wondering if this kind of life was typical in the USA. Is there more or less validity to claims of mystical experience when considering lifestyle factors? Is it possible that mystical experiences aren’t direct interactions with the divine? Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion

How plausible is this? If not that, then what? The due date for the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox submission is Wednesday, September 10, 2014. A two-page minimum is required for your response. Please use the APA format for citations in all of your written assignments and comments. Assignment Mystical Experiences Philosophy Of Religion