Assignment: Nursing Trend And Issue.

Assignment: Nursing Trend And Issue.

Assignment: Nursing Trend And Issue.

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The topic I chose for my PowerPoint presentation is the prevalence and impact of substance abuse among nurses (impaired nursing). I chose this topic because nursing is a demanding profession, and there are numerous factors that put nurses at risk of developing substance abuse and addiction issues. (Kaliszewski, 2019) Most nurses who are at risk for being substance abusers are usually due to high-stress levels, having little or lack of education regarding abuse, gender, physical pain, and nursing fatigue. (Kaliszewski, 2019) The stress of being responsible for a patient’s well-being can be overwhelming for nurses, and this stress can be exacerbated by insufficient support and excessive workloads. (Kaliszewski, 2019) Chronic stress has been demonstrated in studies to increase substance use and is a major risk factor for addiction. (Kaliszewski, 2019) A lack of understanding of substance use disorders leads to a lack of awareness of addiction’s indications and symptoms. (Kaliszewski, 2019) This makes it difficult for nurses to recognize and respond to indications and symptoms of abuse in their coworkers. (Kaliszewski, 2019) The unfavorable preconceptions and stigmas connected with substance usage among nurses are exacerbated by a lack of education. These attitudes may discourage nurses from disclosing the truth about their addictions, preventing them from obtaining help. (Kaliszewski, 2019) Nurses frequently work lengthy, rotating shifts that are physically demanding. (Kaliszewski, 2019) According to a survey of registered nurses, 12-hour shifts are likely to cause burnout and poor overall health. (Kaliszewski, 2019) Nurses work nights, weekends, and holidays, and they are frequently on call, which means they are on duty and must be available to work at any time. (Kaliszewski, 2019) Nurses are frequently sleep-deprived and have little personal time to relax as a result of this lifestyle. After a long and exhausting day at work, some nurses may turn to medications to help them relax. (Kaliszewski, 2019). Assignment: Nursing Trend And Issue.


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Substance abuse affects people of all ages, cultures, and professions, including nursing. Approximately one out of every ten nurses may be inebriated or recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs (McLellan, 2018). Nurses are not at higher risk than the public, but their overall pattern of reliance is distinct since they have more access to drugs at work. Although addiction is regarded as a sickness, the addicted nurse is nevertheless responsible for her behavior while on the job. Additionally, impairment often develops without early discovery and treatment, putting the workplace and patient safety at risk especially when treating critically ill patients in the intensive care unit or emergency department (Jarrad et al., 2018). Nurses must be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, as well as when to report a colleague who may be utilizing drugs or alcohol to management.

Furthermore, it is believed that nurses only use street drugs while many nurses abuse both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, as well as street narcotics (McLellan, 2018). Taking a patient’s prescription for a migraine, back pain, or to deal with a stressful shift, may be the beginning of the problem. A substance-abusing nurse might use saline instead of injectable drugs like Demerol, morphine sulfate, or codeine, or dilute liquid medications after taking some. Drugs that are legal are just as dangerous as those that are illegal.


Discussion 9

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