Birth Control Research Example

Birth Control Research Example

Birth Control Research Example

Several birth control methods exist that women can choose. However, the fact that many birth control methods exist, presents a difficult option for women. Women respond to contraceptive pills differently. Some pills work for certain women but do not work for other women. They range from using condoms to contraceptive pills, from IUDs to diaphragms. Birth control work to prevent pregnancy by preventing sperm from coming into contact with an egg (Mucciolo, 2001).Birth Control Research Example

Because many different methods of birth control exist, contraceptives appear in various categories. These categories include long-term contraceptives, barrier methods, natural birth control, and hormonal birth control. Although certain birth control, options prove inadequate, most of them work effectively. The usage of these birth control methods may impair the effectiveness of using them. They require that one follow instructions carefully.

Hormonal contraceptives help to prevent a pregnancy through imitative forms of naturally occurring hormones to prevent the body of a woman from ovulating.Birth Control Research Example In certain cases, the hormones may also work to thin the lining of the uterus and thicken cervical mucus. Unfortunately, hormones can produce unpleasant side effects including decreased libido. This can cause some women to avoid this birth control option. Examples of hormonal contraceptives include birth control pills, the birth control patch, implanon, birth control ring and IUDs such as mirena (Aguilar, 2002)

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Barrier methods prevent the sperm from meeting with the egg. Contraceptives that work this way include diaphragms, cervical caps, the contraceptive sponge and male condoms. Conoms offer another advantage of preventing sexually transmitted disease transmission. However, the use of condoms has proven to fail sometimes. This happens because condoms have the capability of busting whe in sexual contact. This may spill sperm on the woman and result in pregnancy (Kass-Annese & Danzer, 2003).

Another form of birth control method involves the long-term birth control. These methods work permanently to prevent women from getting pregnant. However, women can reverse the long-term birth control methods when they feel the need. Long-term birth control methods include tubal ligations and certain methods of vasectomy. Once an IUD has been inserted, it can stay in place for a period of between five to eight years.Birth Control Research Example

Many women prefer to use the natural birth control methods and hormone free birth control. The fertility awareness methods offer another option for women. This method relies on periodic abstinence. A woman may only engage in active sex during her safe days. Fertility awareness management can involve charting the body of a woman temperature and menstrual circle. It involves noting the changes in the cervical mucus and using the rhythmic method or the newest incarnation, the standard day method (Kass-Annese & Danzer, 2003). Another rare method of natural birth control involves breastfeeding also known as lactation amenorrhea (LAM).


Birth control has existed for thousands of years. Today many of the birth control options prove safe, reliable and effective. Women have several options to choose from, when they want to prevent pregnancy. However, they should consult and know the facts about each birth control method. One can learn about birth control methods by consulting physicians or reading information about them. The responsibility for most of the birth control lies with the woman. New methods of birth control come up each time. Therefore, an appropriate method for a couple may change with time, circumstances and bodily changes.Birth Control Research Example

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