Brief description of how stress is related to stress management.

Brief description of how stress is related to stress management.

Brief description of how stress is related to stress management.

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 Brief description of how stress is related to stress management   Exercise improves general health and a person’s perception of well-being, resulting in increased energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. Regular exercise may be beneficial in increasing the synthesis of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that an individual feels good about. Physical activity provides tension alleviation for the brain while stimulating the impacts of stress, including flight or fight reaction, and assisting the mind and its organs in practicing functioning together while experiencing these effects. Additionally, this can have beneficial impacts on the body. When someone frequently exercises, they can shed everyday tensions through movement and physical activity, which results in increased enthusiasm and positivity. In addition, they can assist them in remaining focused in all situations. Exercise can also help you get a better night’s sleep, which is typically compromised by stress. Brief description of how stress is related to stress management.

Interventions to implement involve exercise to promote decreased stress. 

A regular visit to physical activity sites for an exercise session.

Adoption of the use of bicycles when visiting nearby places.

Having some hours walk daily for a considerate more extended period.

Engaging in at least two hours of reasonable cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking or one hour of vigorous aerobic activity.

Additional engagement in 15 minutes vigorous-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Having Muscle-strengthening exercises that are effective for all the major muscular groups





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Time management can be one of the reasons why people are so stress out. Time management helps you prioritize you task so that you have enough time to complete the task or task you have. Time management can be difficult if you do not organize your projects, it can lead to stress and stress can lead to other health problems for example anxiety, or even worse panic attacks. It is common for people to have time management problem I know I did and still do sometimes, but I have learned how to work on my projects with time management. The quality of your work increases and does get easier over time. Rushing to do things complicates things and then it turns out you did it wrong, or missed something (ex: missed a deadline) and then you have to do it again, then the frustration and the stress is not good for anyone. Some examples of time management, would be writing down things that you need, getting a calendar to remind you when things are due, make a plan of each day what you should do to make it easier for you. Work on your projects early do not wait till last minute to do it.  Focusing on one thing at a time, if need help get it do not stress, go to a quiet place where you can work and have no distractions. Personally I believe this works for me, organizing and my calendar is my best friend, helps me stay on track of my life not only with school, but work, and bills. The 5 key elements of time management are conductive environment, setting priorities, elimination non-priorities, goal setting, and forming the right habits. These 5 key elements have help me and hopefully help someone else.  Brief description of how stress is related to stress management.




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