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Define Existing Statistics

Define Existing Statistics

Define Existing Statistics in your own words then identify two sources of Existing Statistics that you could use to inform your research.

Statistics, Number Seven

Think about the research that will go into your Final Project. Create your own definition of Existing Statistics and then name two potential Existing Statistics resources that could help guide your investigation.

Then, please break down the distinction between primary and secondary sources of information.

Determine two potential Secondary Data sources that could bolster your study.

Without the title page, bibliography page, appendices, figures, and tables, your project should be between 250 and 325 words in length (about one to one and a half double-spaced pages).

Your project must have a title page, a reference list page (if you use references), be double-spaced, use Times New Roman 12 point type, have proper header and page numbers, have one-inch margins, and adhere to all other APA Stylebook criteria. Define Existing Statistics

You only need to cite one source. Please use the most up-to-date APA style for formatting.

For further details on requirements and grading for this project, please consult the rubric provided.

By Sunday, November 4 at 11:59 p.m. Central, please have this assignment submitted through D2L’s Assignments.

Below is the template for the proposal project. Be sure to remove all highlighted content and ensure double spacing throughout. Overwrite “Company Selection Name” with your approved Company. Lastly, be sure to remove this paragraph and start your title on the top line on p. 2.

Company Selection Name

Prepare an essay in your own words (cite where appropriate) and in at least 250 words on the following prompts:

Submit your company name (include link(s) to the company and its annual report to investors for public corporations) and describe the history of the company and include its mission and vision statement.  You will later remove these links and, when the sources are used, cite them properly and list in References per APA.

Describe your potential idea (remember you want an idea that you can present and persuade to your boss and chosen company’s senior leadership). You don’t need all the logistics yet, just outline your idea.


Strengths: Opportunities:
Weakness: Threats:

Define Existing Statistics

Use the above SWOT template provided and ensure you use credible sources to support your analysis.

After you conduct your SWOT analysis, write an essay in at least 500 words and two new scholarly resources than previously used addressing the following:

  • Describe in detail your new idea for your chosen company. Provide the SWOT component related to your idea and explain. (Ex: ensure to include your idea in the opportunities of your SWOT).
  • Include production and logistics of your new idea. (Ex. Do you need to expand your building, add more employees, build a new production line, add a distribution center in another country). Be specific.
  • Outline how it impacts the company’s growth, competition, or market demands (it could affect some or all). Be specific and use research, data, statistics, and make an estimation of how much it could add to the company’s profit margin and how you foresee this growing the company.
  • Explain “how and when” you will implement your idea. Again, be specific, for example, proposed launch is in Spring of 20XX. Don’t state immediately. Immediately can mean different things to different companies. Be thoughtful and come up with a specific date of your launch and provide a reason for that launch date.

Organizing and Staffing Define Existing Statistics

Provided a minimum of two new scholarly resources than previously used and you will present a breakdown of the following:

  • Create an organization chart of your chosen company and insert the chart into your document.

Then, write an essay in at least 300 words on the following prompts:

  • Summarize the groups/departments you envision that are needed for your “new idea”. You can propose new staffing positions if applicable.
  • Identify and explain if your company has the resources available or would possible outsourcing be an option?
    • Be sure to list the main resources you will need

Outline and describe the approximate cost associ ated with the implementation of your idea and how this will potentially affect the company’s bottom line (profits/revenue). Define Existing Statistics

Leading and Controlling

Write an essay of at least 300 words and two new scholarly resources than previously used addressing the following:

  • Describe how your leadership style will be instrumental in launching your new idea. (This is important to show how your leadership is instrumental is the success of this idea to your boss and senior leadership.  They need the confidence in you to execute this idea and ensure throughout the implementation process there are control measures and process for feedback).
  • Explain the control points of your new idea:
    • Explain how the company will evaluate the product or service.
    • Describe how the company will receive feedback about the product or service.
    • Define how the company will address either a poor product or service.


Write a conclusion of appropriately 250 words wrapping up your main take a way from your proposal.  Be sure to leave a lasting impression as to why this is a great idea and how it will contribute to the company’s “bottom line” and shareholder wealth! Define Existing Statistics