Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

You have been practicing critical thinking, paraphrasing, and citing your sources as you have worked through this course, and you are beginning to grasp the significance of developing your own scholarly voice and presenting the literature in your own words. You have a long way to go before you have mastered all of these skills. You’ll be glad to know that Walden University offers a wealth of helpful materials and services.

For this Assignment, you will familiarize yourself with a tool that can aid you in avoiding plagiarism: Turnitin.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the web page “How to Read a Turnitin Report” in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Locate the Turnitin report from your Week 2 Assignment.
  • Review the Similarity Index and the Match Overview.
  • Review the matches in detail. Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

The Assignment (1–2 pages):

Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment from Week 2:

  • Provide the Similarity Index.
  • List the source that constitutes the highest match with your written work.
  • Explain why a high Similarity Index might not necessarily indicate plagiarism and why a low Similarity Index does not necessarily indicate a lack of plagiarism.
  • Based on the review by Turnitin, what changes would you make to your paper?
  • Explain how you would use Turnitin in the future to minimize issues with plagiarism.

All curriculum aspects for Management 306 intertwine and demonstrate a direct relationship between assigned material and the influence of good written communication skills within career, academic, and personal lives.

Workload Allocation: Course participation requires 12-16 hours weekly.  Hours include reading assigned textbook chapters and course materials along with, watching videos, conducting research, working with partners, and completing assignments.  Full-time, employed students should set aside time weekly along with, hours on Saturday. (Keep Sunday for exercise, recreation, family, and friends.)  All assignments in this course are due each week on Saturdays, on or before midnight. Students are expected to access this course multiple times each week.  If the above-mentioned workload does not meet your schedule availability, this online course section may not be for you.

Course Description: Within an online structure, this course design develops skills of effective written communication essential for all business students.  Valuable to the writing processes, this course implements: practice, technique, and vocabulary. The curriculum deals with practical applications of business writing. Online, students will learn recommended business writing styles by preparing various assignments in a clear, a concise, and a cohesive manner. Students are required to complete: letters, memos, summaries, analytical papers, legitimate research, expository writing, collaborative writing, electronic correspondences, and employment documents.

Prior Knowledge: Management 306 is an upper-division writing course and therefore, students are expected to enter this class already possessing the skills necessary to complete assignments in a manner that exhibits proficiency with the English language.  Proficiency includes the knowledge to properly structure sentences, paragraphs, essays, etc., along with the ability to write without “excessive” grammatical errors.  “Excessive” means…distortion of thought and/or loss of comprehension occurs within the written content because too many grammatical errors are present. Additionally, proficiency covers the ability to use a college level vocabulary.

Additional Skills: Students are required to know how to use the Internet and a word processor along with all necessary functions within the assigned Blackboard platform. Any student needing help developing their technology skills for this class is encouraged to visit the tutors provided within campus media centers and computer labs.  Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Required Technology: Students need access to Microsoft Office software (2013-2017, plus) or compatible, updated Adobe or compatible software, a stable Internet connection, and a computer that has memory capabilities strong enough to support all stated software. A Web browser is needed to access this course and complete required assignments. Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Technology Support: Students who do not possess the previously stated required technology components are encouraged to use campus provided resources available at any media center and/or any computer lab. Students can get help with technology related problems by contacting the Office of Distributed Learning at: (909-537-3395) or visiting PL,1108. Palm Desert Students should contact: 760-341-2883 x 78104.  Per the CSU San Bernardino Distributed Learning Policy FSD 01-01.R2, available at: [URL link:]“the university will not provide technical support for those resources that the university does not endorse or any products which may be advertised through those resources.”

Course Objectives: Develop students’ writing skills for academic purposes and provide a well-rounded knowledge of applicable foundations related to “real-world” business environments and documents. Students are required to write at least 5,000 words, excluding revisions. The course enables students to: Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

  • Gain competence in the primary genres of their academic discipline (e.g., business, administration, and management);
  • Conduct meaningful research and incorporate the relative findings of that research in properly documented papers that reflect the expectations of scholarly material;
  • Establish and clarify writing purposes, audiences, and rhetorical stances (such as tone, style, diction, and sentence structure) appropriate to selection;
  • Discover and develop appropriate content for given writing projects, and organize that content coherently and effectively;
  • Revise writing thoroughly by appraising it accurately (alone and in the company of other writers) and make constructive choices about content, organization, and rhetoric;
  • Edit, proofread, and revise to ensure effective written communication of ideas and concepts.

Course Goals: The goals of this course are to provide students with the skills needed to successfully complete professional writing tasks from first thought to final product, in a systematic order, with competency, while demonstrating written communication levels equivalent to collegiate standards.

Learning Expectations: Students are expected to learn many different business writing techniques and research processes. Also, students are expected to learn and implement the following ten-steps for producing quality written material in and outside of this course; (1) Determine why you are writing, (2) Determine your audience, (3) Determine your purpose, (4) Gather your information, (5) Choose your scope, (6) Organize your information, (7) Write your “first-draft”, (8) Proofread your document, (9) Edit your document, and (10) Revise your document. Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Learning Methods: Reading, writing, document analysis, lesson plans, virtual presentation, class participation, and the Internet are used for prominent areas of study within this course. Also, the relationship to business correspondence in the following areas: organization, collaboration, grammar, research, ethics, reports, proposals, presentations, and visual aids. Describe the Turnitin report for your Assignment

Prerequisite and Information:  Upper division status and the completion of English 101 or equivalent are the prerequisites for this course. Students not meeting these course prerequisites will be dismissed from the class at the first meeting. If further information is needed in regard to 306 prerequisites, review “Academic Regulations and Procedures” in the CSUSB Bulletin of Courses.