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Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

Family Therapy Course

Please put the question or section name above each paragraph.

For this assignment, discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice. Imagine that the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists has reached out to you to write a blog post for their website on why EFT can be adapted for use with a specific racial or cultural group of your choice.

Use one of the chapters from Multicultural couple therapy (Rastogi & Thomas, 2009) to discuss how clinicians can adapt EFT to meet the needs of your chosen population. Consider the example of Parra-Cardona and his colleagues (2009) adaptation of EFT for Latino couples and you create this assignment. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

Length: Approximately 3 pages not including cover page and reference page.

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

Question: Discuss the evolutionary importance of culture as a hominin adaptation. What is the earliest evidence for cultural behavior? How did it enhance selective fitness? Compare the evolutionary fates of cultural hominins with the hominins that do not appear to ? Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice


In an essay, respond to one (and only one) of the questions below. (Do not combine the questions into a single essay and do not write short answers to all the questions).

Your essay should be at least three pages and should not exceed five pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins). Please remember that your answer is in the form an essay. An essay is not a two-sentence response, but rather a well- developed argument supported by citations of evidence. I emphasize that you must support your arguments by citing evidence from the texts or lectures. An essay gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what you know; don’t be terse. If you are uncertain how to write an essay and/or develop a written argument, please visit

It is not necessary to consult any sources other than the assigned readings and lectures. Any outside sources used should supplement, rather than replace, the assigned readings. Using only outside sources, without use of the assigned materials, will result in a grade of “F.” If you do use additional sources, be sure to cite them in a list of sources at the end of your essay. Any direct quotes be identified as such, and complete citation data given (author, work, pages). APA Format 

Do not use online resources, such as Wikipedia, or other “popular” sites, including web pages hosted at universities. You may use online scientific journals that are accessed through the University library, but (per above), you should use them to supplement, rather than replace, the assigned readings. If you quote material from one of the course lectures or presentations, cite the lecture number or title, and the page or pages where the material is to be found. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

Citations of lectures and Powerpoint presentations should give the title of the lecture (or Presentation). Your essay must be original and your own work. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

1) Goswami (2011) writes that creation is richest at its source, because it is here that consciousness consists of infinite possibilities. If the mind could manipulate those possibilities, we could create events in the body. Instead of being the victims of illness and disorder, we could return to a state of healthy balance and vitality. Describe how the quantum doctor might discuss the value of consciousness to health and longevity with a client.

2)Jon Kabat-Zinn coins the statement: “Mindfulness is a way of being in the present moment, on purpose, non-judgmentally.” The mindful clinician will be better equipped to meet patients where they are by recognizing their true needs; by being aware and present, we can be more successful in helping others. Speak to how the quantum doctor would be present, using empathy, self-reflection, insight and intuition

3)Goswami notes that organs are representations of vital body blueprints of various morphogenetic fields. One common representation of this concept is the chakra points. Chakras are associated with specific organs. What is the basis for this and how could a clinician use this information to help a client?

4)On our way to adulthood, by which time our physical bodies (the cells and organs) have been renewed many times, something called conditioning takes place, and this compromises our creativity (Goswami, 2011). How does conditioning or creativity impact health? How do we go about choosing health over disease? Describe different forms of creativity. Indicate how creativity might influence the restoration of health. Support your answer with research. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

5)Goswami (2011) discusses the current era of evolution when people are not “feeling” dominated. He notes that societal evolution has caused separation, denigration, suppression and misunderstanding of innate human feelings. As a result, people are no longer in touch with their feeling dimension and therefore don’t experience or experiment with their personal vital energies. Explain how human feelings affect the vital energy force and physical health. Realizing vital energy as the feeling of being alive, discuss ways in which people can strengthen their vital force and thereby their positive health potential.

6)After reading Goswami (2011) chapter 14, “Mind as Slayer,” explain circumstances in which people might feel ill or develop chronic disease based on their ways of thinking about life, coping, and engaging in life. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

7)Placebo has been studied within science recently, and anecdotally for ages. Often a placebo is something for the patient to take orally; maybe a piece of fruit or something seemingly irrelevant to the disease. Mysteriously, however, the placebo cures. Describe the placebo effect. How does the placebo concept correlate with mind body medicine? What is the quantum aspect of healing that emulates the placebo effect? Support your answer. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

8)In searching for an explanation of self-healing, Deepak Chopra stated: “If a patient can promote the healing process from within, that would be the cure for cancer” (Goswami, 2011). With your understanding of self-healing, meaning of disease, tangled hierarchy, quantum leap processes, and downward causation, describe now chronic diseases like cancer could be overcome. What research backs up your assertion?

9)Interestingly, the word “healing” has the same etymological root as “wholeness.” This means that healing in the ultimate sense is achieving wholeness. Patanjali said that all our suffering comes from the ignorance of believing that we are separate from the whole. Rather, to heal the disease of separateness is to integrate into the whole, realizing that we have never been separate; separateness is an illusion.

The philosopher Ernest Holmes (1938), who founded a healing tradition called Science of Mind stated: “Healing is not accomplished through willpower but by knowing the Truth (Goswami, 2011, p. 250). What are the implications of understanding healing as wholeness regarding practitioner values, client engagement and health promotion?

10)In this materialist culture, when we speak of strategies for good health, we include good hygiene, good nutrition, exercise, and a regular checkup. We are really speaking of caring for the physical body. In contrast, positive health begins when we start caring also for our vital, mental, supra-mental, and even bliss body. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice

What does good hygiene for the vital or mental body mean? Just as physical hygiene tells us to avoid harmful physical environments, similarly, vital and mental hygiene must mean avoiding vital and mental pollution. The psychologist Uma Goswami emphasizes this when she says, “Emotions are more contagious than bacteria and viruses” (Goswami, 2011). Discuss three (3) different vital and mental pollutants that should be avoided to promote positive health and vitality. Indicate whether symptom management is appropriate. Discuss the adaptation of EFT for a population of your choice