Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals

Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals

Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals


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Significance Provide one or two paragraphs, informed by the topic in the problem statement, that describe the following: 1. How this study will contribute to filling the gap identified in the problem statement: What original contribution will this study make? 2. How this research will support professional practice or allow practical application: Answer the So what? question. 3. How the claim aligns with the problem statement to reflect the potential relevance of this study to society: How might the potential findings lead to positive social change? Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals

Background Provide a representative list of scholarship and findings that support and clarify the main assertions in the problem statement, highlighting their relationship to the topic, for example, “this variable was studied with a similar sample by Smith (2013) and Johnson (2014)” or “Jones’s (2012) examination of industry leaders showed similar trends in the same key segments.” Some of these resources may have already been mentioned in the first sections of the prospectus and can be included here, also.











Dissertation Prospectus

Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals

Barbie Bittinger

Walden University

Gregory Koehle

Date: 06/01/2018


Problem statement

Yearly, media attention gets the most extreme cases on animal cruelty. Nonetheless, the animal abuse problem is more prevalent than the reports on media. Animal mistreatment and negligence is a countrywide concern, affecting many animals globally. Brutality to animals is well-defined as administering of bodily pain, grieving or at some extreme point the death on an animal (Abubakar, Manzoor, & Iqbal, 2018). There is a concern to stop the individuals abusing the animals from behaving in such an awful way, avoiding the mistreatment of these animals. What prompts the people mistreating the animals to act in that cruel manner? How are the reported animal abuse cases being handled? Do abusers get charged for abusing the animals? Lastly, does the animal status in the community add to their abuse rate? These are some of the questions that linger on one’s mind when such atrocity is directed to these animals and very much need addressing before the situation escalates to a whole other level. Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals

There are various notions on how cruelty on animals starts (Arluke, 2017).  One of them being abusers pre-established psychological state that consents them to begin mistreating animals and at some point, the situation might bring about the death of the animal (Sollund, 2017). Most of the cases are not handled accordingly hence many animal abusers tend to continue with the act thus the rising instances (Altschuler, 2017).  The findings from this research could help to informpolicy(s) at various levels hence bringing about some sense of love and care for the animals. This would potentially prevent animal abuse and violent crimes against people as the two are correlated. Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals





The study aims at getting a clear understanding of why people abuse animals. This study will employ a qualitative approach to answer the research question, “Why do people abuse animals?”Different people have different reasons as to why they abuse animals. Therefore, it is vital to use qualitative methods. Getting to know the reason why people abuse animals could help in getting ways to stop the abuse through, coming up with laws to protect animals. The study could assist in informing ways to prevent, detect and prosecute people who abuse animals. Using qualitative approach, some animal caretakers such as the ASPCA, Humane Societies, Animal Shelters and Veterinarianswill be asked to describe some of the experiences on threats to as well as harm on their animals. Police Officers, Game wardens, and Animal Control officers will be interviewed. This will give out reasons as to why people abuse. Discussion: Exploring the Reasons People Abuse Animals


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