Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay


Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

495L -B week 3 replies
Due date 11/20/2020

Week 3 Discussion Prompt
Discuss two areas of difficulty you encountered or two new nursing interventions you learned this week at your clinical site. You may also choose to share one of each. Please remember to respond to two of your peers. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

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Reply 1 Jennifer
The teaching theory I chose is Humanism. Humanism, a paradigm that emerged in the 1960s, focuses on the human freedom, dignity, and potential. A central assumption of humanism, according to Huitt (2001), is that people act with intentionality and values. The human component has slowly faded with technology and social media. Due to the pandemic, human contact all disappeared for too many. Especially our elderly. Humanizing ourselves again to value what is truly important and tangible is how to approach this assignment.
Now that I’m older I regret not getting a recipe from my Nana. She used to make this dessert when I was little that I Loved. I got older, got married, she got older and then sick. I never thought about that dessert during that time because, well, life. She passed 17 years ago and that recipe haunts me because I can’t find it anywhere. Google Shmoogle. Our current generation needs to create a safety net and a plan to protect and absorb what we can from our elders. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

Reply 2 Leasia
As a nursing and rehabilitation professional, I learned new interventions and encountered difficulties working in my clinical setting this week. In most cases, nurses administer various nursing methods to improve their patients’ quality of life. For instance, when handling stroke patients, nurses change their sleeping posture after two hours and place them in a prone position for about thirty minutes every day (Fujino et al., 2016). The intervention helps to prevent pushing behavior and enhance mobility (Fujino et al., 2016). In this regard, I learned a new approach to help a stroke patient improve his independence. After the individual started sitting down, one of the experienced nurses directed me to encourage the patient to perform simple tasks done by hand, and gradually add more activities every day. Al-Abedi and Hamza (2016) state that nursing and rehabilitation centers should develop self-care routines for stroke patients and encourage them to be independent. However, I learned that interventions do not work if nurses fail to improve their patients’ morale and offer emotional support to avoid discouragement and fatigue. I helped the patient get dressed for the ambulatory activities every day and noticed that he had an elevated mood. Therefore, I learned that integrating emotional support in interventions intensely reinforces the healing process and promotes patients’ health.
However, I faced a difficult situation when working in the facility. While attending to a patient with a chronic condition this week, the parents asked me to employ end-of-life care for the patient since they wanted her to stop suffering. At first, I tried to convince the patients’ parents that their daughter was in good hands. However, the caregivers were adamant that they wanted the patient to rest and stop tolerating the pain. Although the situation was challenging, I talked to the parents again by stating that the hospital was doing its level best to improve her condition, and they changed their opinion. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay The patient’s condition is improving, and she is recuperating in the facility. I learned that nursing and rehabilitation center professionals encounter an array of clinical and ethical cases, and I should be ready to address them effectively.

340 replies week 3 to do
Due date 11/20/2020
Within your community, there has been a large increase in teenage smoking, and community leaders are developing a plan to decrease the incidence of smoking. To help them, you will:
A) Develop a research question to address the problem.
B) Determine what kind of study should be undertaken.
C) Design a study to decrease the incidence of smoking in teenagers. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

Reply 1 Ayrin
There are 3 forms of study; cohort study, control study and qualitative study. The most efficient form of study, in this case, to be used will be a cohort study. A cohort study is a longitudinal study which usually studies a group of individuals who share one thing in common and defining characteristics.
Most importantly is we already have the cohort population, in this case being the teenage smokers in the community. Secondly, we have our baseline data being the smoking habit which every teenager is adapting at an increasing rate. Also, at our disposal, we have the unexposed control cohort which is the group of teenagers that haven’t yet started smoking and therefore they will act as our comparison group in this study.
After the above classification, a field study would come in handy. At this point, interviews will be conducted or maybe the distribution of questionnaires in order to gain information and also data on smoking teenagers (Chassin et al., 2018). Information and data gained from the questionnaires and interviews will provide answers to most of the questions i.e. why most of the teenagers are starting smoking as a habit, where they get their supplies from, who are encouraging the habit of smoking in the community, why most of them started smoking etcetera.  Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay
The data achieved will then be analyzed by the elders of the community and from the analysis, they will be able to determine what precautions they should put into measures and steps that they should use to approach the matter and be able to curb the increasing population of smoking teenagers and also reduce the numbers. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay
Reply 2 Kayla
I would like to design a questionnaire, “the risk of smoking in teenagers.” So, verifying know-how and mind-set about teenage smoking habits in the survey schools such as a brand of cigarette, attitudes toward smoking and smokers, social and instructional elements and family history, etc. I will provide a questionnaire associated with the teenager’s behavior to assess understanding associated with smoking: how many cigarettes a day do you smoke? What triggers you to choose a cigarette, and how frequently do you smoke? Do you broadly speak about smoking by myself or by the group? Why? How do you accumulate your cigarettes? Does anyone specifically promote, or do you purchase them from a historic pal or siblings? Do you consider yourself addicted to nicotine, and if you ever layout on quitting? as a teen, do you assume you had a wholesome lifestyle? Do you suppose you obtained enough facts about smoking and its risks? I will plan a qualitative study to find teenagers’ opinions on smoking decision factors focusing on smoking cessation. I will organize it as a center of group discussion, personal interviews, participation, and observation. Health care professionals have key  responsibilities in preventing tobacco use among youth and their families and need to know more about effective smoking prevention and cessation strategies(Canadian Paediatric Society, 2016). There is a need to know more about effective smoking prevention and anti-smoking strategies, so schools should provide more education and motivation, and management programs for teenagers addicted to smoking. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

This week’s textbook reading presented ethics and legal issues in nursing. What ethical dilemma, encountered in your nursing experience, has affected you most? What have you learned from the situation?

Reply 1 Ayrin
Nurses are in a unique position when it comes to ethics in healthcare because of their close relationships with patients. As a nurse not only is it important for protecting your patient but coping with dilemmas and feeling confident enough to speak up when it is critical for your well-being. The most frequently occurring and stressful ethical situations are protecting patient’s rights, staffing, advanced care planning, and decision making (Rainer, Schneider, & Lorenz, 2018). In my nursing career, the ethical dilemma that has affected me most is honesty and withholding information. A young boy was brought in and admitted to the hospital and I was the one taking care of him. The tests were done and the boy was diagnosed with cancer. When the boy’s parents got the news they withheld the information from the boy to protect his emotions. However the boy’s age, he deserved to know about his medical condition. Even after a long conversation with the parents about the issue they still froze-off my opinions. Nursing ethics advocates for truth-telling or veracity, as a key factor in nurse-patient relationships while on the other hand decided to share the information with the patient would be going against the parent’s decision. Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay
Reply 2 Yumi
In my nursing experience, I have encountered an ethical dilemma about “healthcare needs vs. resource allocation.” At my previous facility, their budget was limited, and we were a lack of medical supplies, such as blood pressure monitors, needles, foley catheter, etc. Doctors ordered medical treatments for patients, but due to the lack of the supplies, we were not able to carry out the orders on time. As a nurse, I wanted to follow the principle of beneficence, which is clinicians have a duty to provide appropriate care and benefit to a patient. (Bann & Parke, 2018) However, I was not able to follow it several times and felt patients did not get quality care from us. I reported the issue to managers, but the issue was not solved right away. According to Duquesne University (2020), the rising cost of healthcare is increasingly putting nurse managers at odds with budgeting constraints and patient needs. A large number of medical facilities have scarce resources, which puts patients at risk for not getting the care they need. (Duquesne University, 2020) Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay
Several months later, a new DON came to the facility, and she listened to our concerns. She hired a person who managed medical supplies of the facility. After that, the issue was improved. I learned that the management is very important for nurses and staff to provide quality care to patients. Also, nurses need to speak up the issues that affect patient’s safety. According to Haddad & Geinger (2020), it is important that the patient is protected by reporting any misconduct or potential safety concern. Also, the code of ethics for nurses from American Nurse Association states that the nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient. (Haddad & Geinger, 2020) Ethics and Legal Issues in Nursing Essay

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