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Family Therapy Course

Family Therapy Course

Family Therapy Course

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Write up a case study of a family or couple that sought help and explained how you applied Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to their situation. The case study and presenting problem will be outlined, as will the evaluation methods, treatment objectives, strategies, cultural factors, and ethical concerns. Make it clear that your evaluation and care are consistent with the EFT model’s standards. The following will be included in your submission:

  • Provide a presentation of the case study, detail ing the demographics of the couple, the dynamics of the relationship, and the nature of the problem at hand. Family Therapy Course
  • Please detail the case-specific objectives, activities, and interventions that you intend to implement over EFT’s nine phases. First, explain why you think EFT is a good fit for the couple and how you plan to reframe the problem so that it fits within the attachment context. Clarify your criteria for deciding whether to terminate employment.
  • Be sure to talk about the steps you’re doing to make your model’s application culturally and gender-appropriate, as well as attentive to any other elements in a couple’s history (such as trauma).
  • Talk about the ethical considerations you’ll make when working with this couple, including how you’ll handle any “self-of-the-therapist” reactions you might have. APA Format

Length: 8 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

The Discussion thread in Module 3 asked students to compare and contrast the various therapeutic models offered in the text, Family Therapy, or to research their own family therapeutic model not talked about in the text and which they shared with the class.

Students are required to write a 3-4 page summary of their discussions for this Module. Students should write one page discussing the therapeutic model they feel most aligns with who they are and 2-3 more pages comparing and contrasting their chosen model to other models discussed in the discussion threads.

For example, if you chose Structural Family Therapy you first write at least one page sharing what you know about this therapeutic approach. Then write 2-3 more pages where you may want to compare and contrast it to Systems Family Therapy, or Strategic Family Therapy, or Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, etc. Family Therapy Course

Your written assignment must include relating your written assignment to the readings in our textbook up to this point in the course (the chapters assigned for Modules One, Two, and Three). Please cite using APA style

 M4 Discussion – Family Therapy Models, continued

As you view the videos and read the chapters, what do you like about the demonstration of family therapy strategies and theories?

  • How do they compare with your view of the family and treatment?
  • What tools or techniques did you find useful and how might you incorporate those techniques in practice?
  • Did you come across a theory that you may like better than another and why?
  • Respond to fellow students who have discussed a model that differs from the one you liked best.
  • Do different models (other than the one you prefer) have one or more techniques that you would use with a family? Which ones?
  • Comment on any evidence-based research as it relates to models. Family Therapy Course

Use a model from the chapter that has a video link in the course. If you chose a model that has no course video link, be sure to cite the url link to a video demonstration you found on the internet.

Videos of Therapeutic Models 2

Week 10:

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Week 11:

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