Final I O Psychology

Final I O Psychology

Final I O Psychology

Final Paper

The goal of the final paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply what you’ve learned about industrial and organizational psychology to a real-world work setting. This paper needs to be an impartial examination of a certain position within a given company. Perhaps you or someone you know is presently employed there.

Your work needs to make use of information from both class and the assigned reading. An 8–10 page paper (not including title and reference pages) using material from industrial/organizational psychology is required of you. Use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources and format them in accordance with APA guidelines, as detailed in Ashford University’s Writing Center.

Don’t forget to include these topics for debate in your paper: Final I O Psychology

Give some background on the company and the role you play there.Is a formal description of duties available?If one is at hand, please provide a detailed job description. Is a formal job analysis conducted at this company? Is that the case, please elaborate.

Describe the company’s hiring and selection process. Can you fill out an application online? Do they do interviews?Include a copy of the standard application (if there is one) as an appendix to your paper. Does your company conduct a formal job review to figure out how much you should pay each employee?

Specify how each employee’s performance is evaluated and why.In what ways are workers evaluated?How frequently, and by whom, are they evaluated?

Discuss the opportunities for professional growth and development that exist within this role.How efficient is the instruction?

Specify what it is about this position and the company’s method of communication that causes you stress.

Talk about the company’s (or your boss’s) approach to inspiring you to do your best work.Which theory of motivation seems to hold the most water?Determine which leadership theory or method is most applicable to this organization and explain its use.

What are some of the different departments or teams you have at work? What elements, if any, influence the efficiency of your team? Apply a theory to your investigation of this situation. Final I O Psychology

Specify the alterations you would recommend for this position and/or company.

The Last-Minute Paper Writing

Term Paper Due Date:

APA style, as stated in the Ashford Writing Center, is required, and the paper must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length.

Title pages must contain the following information:

Article Title

Name of the Student

Name and number of the Course

Educator’s Full Name

Time of submission

A clear thesis statement needs to be presented in the first paragraph. Final I O Psychology

The topic of the paper must be addressed critically.

Reiterating your thesis at the end of your paper is required.

Use at least three credible, academic sources (not counting the course textbook) that were published within the past five years.

All citations must adhere to the APA guidelines given in the Ashford University Writing Center.

A reference page, formatted per the APA guidelines provided by the Ashford Writing Center, is required.

Please read the Grading Rubric thoroughly to become familiar with the criteria by which your work will be graded. Final I O Psychology