Geriatric Assessment Tools.

Geriatric Assessment Tools.

Geriatric Assessment Tools.

For this discussion, you will focus on the various assessment tools which may be utilized when assessing the geriatric patient.      From the following categories, select two that you wish to explore further.  Categories  you can select from are falls, cognition, depression, balance/ gait/ mobility, and  nutrition.  For each of the  two categories selected develop a discussion which includes the following:


1.  The name of the category

2.  Compare and contrast two assessment instruments from each of the two categories selected.   Include in your discussion a brief overview of each of the instruments,  the reliability and validity of each of the instruments ( if available), ease of administration, and how they could be implemented into practice.

3,  After watching the video on ” Practical tips to improve geriatric assessment, briefly discuss what you learned regarding the use of assessment tools.

See rubric for discussion  evaluation/ grading  criteria.   Note  You will essentially develop two discussions ( one for each of the categories selected).  Each one is worth 10 points and must address the questions above.   Each category will be evaluated as separate posts so PLEASE DO NOT intermingle your discussions.

For each of the two categories selected, support the discussion with a minimum of two outside resources ( outside resources means resources other  than the assigned textbooks)

Note:  Ham has several instruments listed  for each of the above categories.

NOTE:   Initial posts are due by 11:59 pm on Friday,   Response to two other students  is due by 11:59 on Sunday