Group Process and Dynamics Final Project Instructions

Group Process and Dynamics Final Project Instructions

Group Process and Dynamics Final Project Instructions

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CPSY 6250/ PSYC 6250/PSYC 8251: Group Process and Dynamics Final Project Instructions

As a group therapist or a consultant, it is conceivable that you may have to develop new and innovative therapy groups. Therefore, for your Final Project, you are to review the literature and develop a new 8-week therapy group of your choice. The Final Project has two parts. The first is a narrative describing the type of group, your rationale, the population whom you plan to target, and a review of the relevant literature. The second part is in outline form and includes the weekly goals and topics for the group. Please refer to the guidelines listed below. Part 1: Descriptive Narrative (7-8 pages) The descriptive narrative is a detailed description of the therapy group you wish to create. This section will expand upon the material that you developed during the Week 3 and Week 7 Application Assignments. For full credit, make sure to address the following:


• Identify the purpose of the therapy group you selected • Provide details about the logistics of your therapy group meetings (e.g., number of group

members, session frequency and duration, and meeting location) • Explain your motivation for creating this type of therapy group • Describe the population your therapy group will serve and any special considerations

you need to take into account when working with this population • Provide a rationale for why this population needs access to group therapy and the

benefits group therapy may provide • Explain any ethical and legal considerations that might come into play when working with

this population • Provide a literature review of the therapy group you selected containing a minimum of 14

peer-reviewed journal articles • This narrative must be in APA format with appropriate references to the literature

Part 2: 8-Week Therapy Plan (4 pages) Your 8-week plan should be specific and provide enough detail that another therapist could take over the sessions if you were unavailable. Provide a descriptive outline of the following:

• Weekly goals • Weekly topics for each session • A plan of action or lesson plan for each week • Specific therapeutic factors you intend to address or target • Explain how you plan on progressing through the different stages of group therapy over

the 8-week time period



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The Final Project is due at the end of Week 11, one week before the end of the course. The project should be a minimum of 12 pages in length (12 pt. font, double spaced, not including references) and should conform to APA style guidelines.