Health Promotion Essay

Health Promotion Essay

Health Promotion Essay

“Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO). Like wise health promotion is the process of increasing the functional capacity of all people hence promote the sense of well-being. In order to accomplish this goal all health care professionals have to work hard by submitting themselves to their patients and community as a whole. Thus globalize health promotion should be the ultimate mission for all health care team, especially for nurses. Nurses are the first level health care team therefore nurses should play as a role model to all human beings. They should hold various positions in order to achieve optimum results.  Health Promotion Essay.The impacts of health promotion are healthy population and healthy environments. People need to commit themselves in strengthening their learning skills and to change their necessary life styles in order to improve their health. The Purpose of Health Promotion in Nursing Practice: Health promotion is utmost important to optimize and or to ensure a globalize good quality health. It is a multifactor approach and moreover the health care costs can be reduced to a great extent. Thus today’s bad economic condition can be changed greatly. This enables every individual to function effectively and appropriately. It is necessary to explore concepts of health by interactions between physical, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of life.(Edelman 2010). To prevent further progression of diseases and various opportunistic infections nurses should implement multiple health education strategies and teaching styles. While assessing the patients and their families, present health status, their education, economy, supportive systems, learning skills and its strategies all have to be taken in to consideration. Furthermore implementing primary, secondary and tertiary preventive measures to promote health of all populations in every country thus globalize health promotion is achievable. By considering various aspects of health promotion, evaluating the effectiveness of assessments. Health Promotion Essay

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Nurses Role in Health Promotion for Patients

Nurses’ role in health promotion has a high rate of success since they work in various settings and interact with people from different cadres. They look after patients in healthcare facilities, patient homes and within the community. Most of the time, they perform a diagnosis and give the instructions to care givers hence they are the people to spend more time with the patients. Nurses therefore play a “key role in promoting patient health” (Irvine, 2005). The long hours they spend providing care enables them to understand other life aspects by patients in addition to the ailment they are recovering from to determine if their lifestyle is healthy. They are also able to follow up if a patient is following the instructions and advice on improving the quality of life.  Health Promotion Essay.

Nurses interact widely with patients at different places getting an environment to educate and discuss the health status than the physicians who only meet with a patient in hospitals and clinics. It is the reason behind the argument that nurses have a potentially critical role in promoting patients’ health (Irvine, 2005). A good example is that it is the responsibility of nurses to provide continuity of care to a patient after a hospital discharge. Usually a community nurse will follow up on the progress of recovery. It will include educating the patients on how to live a healthier life and prevent diseases. For patients who are under the care of their families, a nurse also becomes an agent of healthy promotion to other people in the home. The ultimate point is that nurses can reach everyone.  Health Promotion Essay.

Nurses Role in Health Promotion in Communities

To strengthen communities and to create a supportive environment are some of the pillars for supporting the initiative by world health organization (WHO) for having “health for all.”

In every community, there is a nurse, but it is not usual to have doctors in the smaller neighborhoods. The proximity of nurses to members of the community enables them to be educators, advocates, and coordinators of promotion of health including lifestyle changes. (Blais& Hayes, 2011). Usually, it is upon nurses to educate their patients about the benefits of observing a healthy lifestyle including the essential habits that people neglect such as exercising, taking a balanced diet, exercising and getting an adequate amount of sleep. Health Promotion Essay

A nurse can coordinate a healthy plan with patients to substitute unhealthy choices with wholesome and beneficial alternatives. For instance, nurses are essential in creating a healthy meal plan and regimen for exercising to help obese persons in reducing their weight.

Another critical role that nurses play in promoting health is to encourage members of the community to attend regular screenings and early detection diagnostic tests (Blais& Hayes, 2011). The motivation helps in early detection of terminal illnesses such as cancer before reaching life threatening level. Health Promotion Essay

Nurses Role in Health Promotion By Immunization

Immunization is a critical element and cost effective way of promoting preventive care. According to WHO, vaccination prevents up to three million deaths per year. Nurses play an essential role in advancing the health of children by administering an immunization. Health Promotion Essay

“When functioning in a health promotion model” (Rankin 2005), each contact that nurse have with patients or their families is an opportunity to educate their patients or families. They advise parents on the excellent ways of taking care of their kids and coordinate childhood immunization programs in their respective areas. Also, they administer recommended immunization such as Hepatitis B vaccinations to adults, offer advice and administer travel vaccines.


As health care gravitates more from treatment to prevention of infections, nurses have a significant role in health promotion for patients, communities, and immunization for preventive purpose. With a range of ways to promote healthy living and preventing disease, nurses should be proactive in providing education on eliminating risk factors.  Health Promotion Essay.

Theories of Health Promotion The following essay is a comparative analysis of two theories of health promotion, one which is a theory of and the other a theory for health promotion. Beattie’s model will be used as theory of and transtheoritical stages of change model as a theory for health promotion. An example from area of work practice will be used to demonstrate the differing aspects emphasised by each Theory. Furthermore the essay will seek to suggest an explanation of current health promotion. This assignment will therefore aim to achieve a greater comprehension of what health promotion actually is and to understand what is meant by ‘Theories of and for.  Health Promotion Essay 
Seedhouse (1997) described the field of health promotion ‘as muddled, poorly articulated and completely lacking of clear philosophy’. Wills (2007) argues, conceptualizing health promotion is also problematic because there are many different approaches to promoting health. Burton and McDonald (2000) asks whether or not health promotion can legitimately be thought of as a discipline but suggest that recent changes in knowledge base and practice of health promotion are characteristics of a paradigmatic and disciplinary development. However the purpose of Health Promotion is to enable people to increase control over, and to improve, their health and its determinants. This is embodied in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO 1986) and in the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion in a globalized World (WHO 2005) …. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities. Therefore, health promotion is not just the responsibility of the health sector, but goes beyond healthy lifestyles to well-being. Contemporary health promotion draws on a range of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives and operates at many levels to facilitate conditions and opportunities for personal, community and organisational empowerment, effective partnerships. and alliances, healthy public policy and reoriented, sustainable environment. A theory according to the National. Health Promotion Essay