Healthcare Information Technology Trends

Healthcare Information Technology Trends

Healthcare Information Technology Trends

In this Discussion, you will reflect on your healthcare organization’s use of technology and offer a technology trend you observe in your environment.Healthcare Information Technology Trends

To Prepare:

  • Reflect on the Resources related to digital information tools and technologies.
  • Consider your healthcare organization’s use of healthcare technologies to manage and distribute information.
  • Reflect on current and potential future trends, such as use of social media and mobile applications/telehealth, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled asset tracking, or expert systems/artificial intelligence, and how they may impact nursing practice and healthcare delivery.

Post a brief description of general healthcare technology trends, particularly related to data/information you have observed in use in your healthcare organization or nursing practice. Describe any potential challenges or risks that may be inherent in the technologies associated with these trends you described. Then, describe at least one potential benefit and one potential risk associated with data safety, legislation, and patient care for the technologies you described. Next, explain which healthcare technology trends you believe are most promising for impacting healthcare technology in nursing practice and explain why. Describe whether this promise will contribute to improvements in patient care outcomes, efficiencies, or data management. Be specific and provide examples.Healthcare Information Technology Trends

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Future Trends in Health Care Twenty years ago no one in the health care industry could have dreamed of the advancements we are experiencing today. The technology has advanced treatments, equipment, and delivery of care. Information is key to successful problem-solving and health service delivery (Hovenga & Heard, 2010). Combining and progressing in the information technology field has and will continue to advance care. Change and potential progress in health care are influenced by many factors, one important factor today is progress in information and communication technologies (ICT), leading to new pervasive or ubiquitous ICT, providing new opportunities to support or even enable new types of health …show more content…


Allowing for faster, more efficient communications, information gathering, research, consulting, and processing, this saves time and cost for all involved.Healthcare Information Technology Trends In the health care reform we have seen the importance placed on electronic medical records (EMR). EMRs record all documents that are generated from the time a patient enters a relationship with a provider throughout all interactions with physicians or other healthcare providers and on through the entire process of transcription of physician notes, medical coding, billing, insurance, and other healthcare operations. This will make them a standard in the industry and advance the communication and information sharing. The use of EMRs allows for facilities to be able to electronically transmit for payment and reimbursements saved not only resources, but time and money. It will make processing claims more efficient. Electronic medical records and their ease of sharing capabilities will make it easier for physicians to pass records on to referrals or specialist or consulting doctors needed in treatment of a patient. They are also safer for patients in the protecting the privacy of the patient information. Over the last few decades we have seen health care develop form home based, house calls, to the clinical facilities we have currently but what if the future holds home based care.Healthcare Information Technology Trends



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