Healthcare stress or escalating cost Paper

Healthcare stress or escalating cost

Healthcare stress or escalating cost

Everyone at one point in their life has felt stressed, but what exactly is stress and why do we feel it? Stress can be the way someone’s brain responds to a demand no matter how big or small. Stress can be caused by something as simple as commuting to and from work or school on a daily basis; however, stress could also be something as big as marriage or buying a house.Healthcare stress or escalating cost We all have our own amount of stress we can handle normally on a daily basis. Stress is a mental or emotional strain or tension due to very demanding circumstances. Stress may also be to give emphasis on something more important. Modern life has become such a hassle with work, children, spouses, school and everyday activities.

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We are also faced with many difficulties, decisions, demands, frustrations and deadline that lead to being stressed.Healthcare stress or escalating cost For most people stress has become such a common everyday feeling that it has become a natural feeling and a way of life. It is important to know what stress is, the symptoms of stress, the causes of stress, and the three types of stress in order to know how to manage and cope with stress. Stress is the body’s reaction to a certain situation. Some situations may be real others may be perceived. When the human body feels threatened or over-whelmed. Stress means different things for different people. When one person may feel stressed during a certain situation, while the same situation may not even effect a different person.

As a college student and as a human it is normal to be stressed, everyone has different things to stress about and how they handle it. Well knowing that I have to try to write a fairly good essay it’s just another thing to be stressed about.Healthcare stress or escalating cost I took all 3 of the surveys about stress because I felt I wanted to completely understand how much I am stressed and how I respond to stress. Before I took the test I thought I was going to be way more stressed than normal because it felt like it. After taking the “stressed out” test I discovered that my stress was at a normal/average level. After taking susceptibility to stress and response to stress I fell under the below average, witch was shocking. I feel like they weren’t completely accurate, because I feel really stressed and they didn’t measure what I am stressed about necessarily.
I don’t know what other people mostly stress about, but I know that everyone has their own reasons and ways of coping with it. Healthcare stress or escalating cost

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