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Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

For this assignment, complete the following steps:

Step 1:

  1. Visit the TeenBuzz website at (opens in a new window). This site offers free ringtones that most adults cannot hear.
  2. The website includes a chart of ringtones that start at 8kHz (everyone should be able to hear) and go up to 22kHz (only those below age 20 can hear).  Starting with the 8kHz frequency, download* each ringtone one at a time and keep a list of which you can hear and make a note when you are no longer able to hear the ringtone.  Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

*There are four options for downloading the ringtones, depending on what type of device you are using.  Most students on a computer, laptop or Android device will click the green download button (MP3). Students using iPhones will click the blue/grey button (M4R format) and students using Windows phones will click on the red/orange button (WAV format).  There is no need to save the ringtones. Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

Step 2:

Thoroughly discuss the following:

  1. Other than age, what factors may be both positively and negatively affecting your hearing?  For example, using headphones regularly or a history of ear infections may be negatively affecting your hearing while living in a rural area or rarely attending live concerts may have a positive affect on your hearing.
  2. When writing your initial post, please include the frequencies you could hear and whether your actual age is consistent with the age ranges given by the website. Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence


  1. TeenBuzz website (opens in a new window)
  2. Chapter 3 in your textbook.

A Quiet World—Living with Hearing Loss

In “Close-Up: Living in a Silent World,” text author David Myers gives a personal account of his mother’s and now his own personal challenge in dealing with hearing loss. In his book A Quiet World, Myers tells much more of this moving story.  In diary fashion, Myers relates the problems at home and at work that accompany gradual hearing loss. He recounts errors tragic and humorous. Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence

Both from his personal experience and his expertise as a research psychologist he helps readers understand the impact of the impairment on sufferers and on those closest to them. As Paul Chance observes, Myers helps his audience appreciate how the inability to hear can become the inability to connect. Myers’ later journal entries describe, for example, his encounters with new technologies and recent insights into the nature of hearing. Hearing Loss Is A Natural Occurrence


  1. Discuss any experiences you have had interacting with someone who is deaf or suffers from a hearing loss?
  2. Surf the internet and identify some common (effects i.e., psychosocial, social, educational,
    communication, and educational) of deafness and hearing loss in children and/or adults?
  3. Provide a summary of your findings and the link for the website visited.  (DO NOT USE THE same website your classmate has selected)
  4. Provide three tips for friends, colleagues, and family members who have a love one who is deaf or has hearing loss?

Part II:

  1. Visit the website submitted by one of your classmates then compare and contrast
    your findings/tips with your classmates findings/tips APA Format