Herb Use In Preganncy.

Herb Use In Preganncy.

Herb Use In Preganncy.

Write a 1200-1500 word apa formatted essay with three sources of support on the following topics.  Herb Use In Preganncy.

compile a list of at least 10 herbal medications you have seen patients taking in your obstetrical practice. Discuss the rational for taking each medication, possible benefits and consequences of taking it and drugs that it may interact with. (complete in a grid form).

Complile a list of at last 10 vitamins and minerals, including the rational for taking each medication and benefits and consequences of taking it. Also list any potential complications and drug interactions. (GRID form)

Choose one type of complementary or alternative (CAM) therapy and discuss it’s benefits in preventing and treating disease. (use ob scenario) Discuss how the use of this CAM therapy can reduce the need for medications. Research this therapy on ProQuest or another scholarly database. What does the research demonstrate regarding it’s efficacy?

Choose one nutritional supplement you see commonly prescribed or recommended by medical professions in your practice. (obstetrical or menopause) Discuss the reasons why this supplement is recommended and its method of action. What concerns should you have regarding a patient taking this supplement? COuld the patient overdose and if so what are the consequences and treatment?

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