Impact gender roles in parenting

Impact gender roles in parenting

Impact gender roles in parenting


SOME people are so worried about the impact gender roles have on a person, that they go to great lengths to try to change the impact.  Watch the following video, Raised Without Gender to discuss your views on the video while responding to the following Discussion Questions.

Based on the video, answer the questions below:

Please answer in in paragraph.

1. What was your initial reaction to the video Raised Without Gender?

2. Please explain what positive impact you think this can have on the child.

3. Please explain what negative impact you think this can have on the child.

4. What do you believe the long term effects could be on a culture with NO gender socialization?

5. Do you believe that gender identity is based entirely on socialization in a culture?


As we study gender roles and social change, it is important to understand the agencies and
organizations that work to either maintain the status quo or work to facilitate social change. To
investigate these entities and the issues with which they work, I want you to select an issue and find
an organization on each side of the debate. The instructions that follow will provide you with a
framework with which to present the issue and its many sides. Impact gender roles in parenting

Pick one of the following topics or suggest a topic of your own.

• Mail order brides
Same-sex marriage
• Covenant marriage
• Divorce
• Bigamy and Polygamy
• Cohabitation
• Parenting
• Housework

1. Find two websites (organizations) that are on opposites sides from each other on your issue.

2. Define your issue in 3-4 sentences in the introduction.

a. For each organization: Impact gender roles in parenting

• What is its name? Who founded it? When and why did they start the organization?
• What does the organization do? How is it funded? How many members do they
• Who is most likely to be a member? Who is least likely?

b. Gender Issues

  • What are the key issues of each side? What are their arguments for their side?
  • What legislation has passed or failed to pass which relates to this issue?
    • How is gender a key concern in this debate?
    • Which sociological perspective would best fit each side of the debate? Why?


• Your short paper should have an introduction, a conclusion and three sections with bold headings. The
first two bold headings should be the names of the organizations and the third one should be
called Gender Issues. Impact gender roles in parenting

• Your paper should be typed (12-point font), double-spaced and spell-checked.
• It should also not be longer than 2-3 full pages.
• At the end of your paper, you should have proper citation for each webside.
• Remember to keep your paper focused on how your issue is specifically related to gender roles,
norms and inequality.