Improving Health Care Delivery

Improving Health Care Delivery

Improving Health Care Delivery

Among various stakeholders, the registered nurse is an advocate for patients, their health and the care delivered to them. There is a need to evaluate the health status of vulnerable populations, to assess nursing’s role in health initiatives, and to find ways that we can help improve health. This presentation enables students to assess the role of organized efforts to influence health care delivery, and the contributions of medical technology, research findings, and societal values on our evolving health care delivery system.

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This presentation will examine the role of the nurse as a health professional and leader.

1.      Choose a high-risk risk population

2.      Address a health care need for this population

3.      What resources are provided for this population

4.      What are the economic priorities, challenges, and issues for this population

5.      What are the major ethical, societal, professional, and legal system-level issues confronting providers, insurers, public policymakers, and organizations regarding the care for this population

6.      How could nursing intervene or advocate to improve the health care delivery for this population

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, including a title and reference slide, with detailed speaker notes on content slides and recorded audio comments for Introduction, Recommendations, and Conclusion slides. Improving Health Care Delivery Essay

Here is another resource to help you to add audio to the introduction, recommendation and conclusion slides:

Please practice doing this before the due date.

Use at least four scholarly sources and make certain to review the module’s Signature Assignment Rubric before starting your presentation. This presentation is worth 400 points for quality content and presentation.

Sultz, H. A. & Young, K. M. (2011). Health Care USA: Understanding its organization and delivery.  In T. Reilly (Eds.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Improving Health Care Delivery

A 65 year old resident is admitted to a Skilled Long Term Care Facility for a hip fracture. The resident has a Wound Vac and open wound upon admission to the Nursing Facility. The resident is due to receive Physical therapy and rehabilitation and go home. The resident must also receive wound care once per shift from the wound nurse or floor nurse depending on the shift. The resident is an alcoholic and is married with four children. The resident comes from a low income housing area with multiple flights of stairs and the housing area does not have handicap accessible apartments. Resident has Medicaid and Medicare at the time of admission the resident has not had a 60 day well stay and cannot use his Medicare to pay for…show more content…
The resident has a great social structure and encouragement as the resident is visited by friends and family on a daily bases and is loved by all who meets him.Improving Health Care Delivery Essay The resident has a room with a bed and television as to help him feel more at home the family is ask to provide the resident with favorite pillows, pictures and other items to make the room be a better environment. The resident is very restless and unsettled no matter the effort put in by those that are around the resident. He is angry at himself and the world but can’t express this feeling the resident is lashing out at all the staff and even the family that is so lovingly caring for him. The resident is in a place where he has access to all the healthcare that he needs. The resident will be receiving preventive care form all the departments to help steer clear of a repeat episode when the resident returns to home. The resident is receiving a lot of physical activates as to push the resident into success in returning home. The resident has one last issue that will not only effect recover but will in the long wrong create more issues. This is the alcoholism that the resident is unwilling to part with at this time.Improving Health Care Delivery
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