Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Infant mortality remains a problem of major concern. Deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome remain a disturbing problem. Infant’s deaths resulting from sudden infant death syndrome are controversial since the causes of the death cannot be explained (Timby & Smith, 2004).Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Since the causes of the sudden infant death syndrome are unexplainable, eliminating the problem becomes impossible. Making the babies to sleep in supine position is a known strategy that reduces the risk of SIDS. Educating the parents and the community on preventive measures to reduce cases of SIDS is the responsibility of the nurse (Orshan, 2007).Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Problem statement


The existence of a direct relationship between nonsupine sleeping and sudden infant death syndrome was the hypothesis in the study. Babies born prematurely are at a greater risk of the problem than those who are born normally. Promoting safe sleeping habits for babies is an effective strategy that can reduce the problem by a significant margin.Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

Research Method and Design

To establish the relationship between nonsupine sleeping and SIDS, a study was conducted using questioners. Nurses working in NICUs were used in data collection. The study method used was quantitative since it involved numbers and the data obtained from the study was measurable. Sudden infant death syndrome is a problem that has been observed for a long time.

It is also important to note that the relationship between nonsupine sleeping and this problem is also easily notable. Prospective survey therefore becomes the best design in such studies. In any study, it is difficult or impossible to use the whole population and therefore the use of a sample becomes appropriate. It is assumed that the results obtained from the sample studied apply to the whole population.

In the study “a total of 1080 surveys were distributed and 430 NICU nurses completed the survey (Grazel, Phalen & Polomano, 2010). This number consisted of about 40% of the NICUs nurses and this percentage is appropriate for such study since it had a good representation.

In this kind of study, the most important thing is to identify the study sample, which is followed by implementation of the study. After identification of the study samples, the researchers distributed the designed questionnaires in the selected units.Introduction to Nursing Research Paper


Although there is a high success rate in the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome, the condition remains a major problem. There are various reasons why it has been difficult to eliminate this problem. Failure of nurses in the implementation of their role or neglecting their duties and failure of parents to implement advices given to them by the nurses are some of the factors that makes elimination of this problem difficult.

These facts are obvious from the survey that was conducted. The ages of the nurses and the parents are also another determining factor that can be closely linked to experience factor.

In conclusion (Grazel, Phalen & Polomano, 2010) emphasized that “nurses are in influential positions to educate parents and model SIDS risk-reduction strategies.”Introduction to Nursing Research Paper From the findings of the survey, it is a fact that the nurses have a bigger role to play in the prevention of infant deaths from SIDS than previously thought.

The first few hours after a child’s births are crucial for their survival and therefore all measures should be taken to ensure that the child survive at this stage. Any mistake committed at this stage in the life of a child can cause severe complications or death. The case where the child is born prematurely is more serious than when the baby is born normally. In the first case, extra measures are required to ensure the survival of the child.

In maternal care unit, the nurses play an important role to ensure the survival of the child. From the findings of the survey, it can be easily noted that although nurses have education on how to handle infants at their first stages of life most of them do not apply the right procedures when handling the newborn.

The nurses also have the role of educating the parents on the best practices. However, the study proves that the nurses do not use all the possible tools in the education. For example, it is noted that only a small percentage of nurses included written literature in the parent’s education.

Contribution of the research to the nursing practice

Knowledge in any discipline is build with time and science particularly nursing is not an exception.Introduction to Nursing Research Paper Science is established on facts and facts can only be established through studies similar to this study. In science in order to come up with a solution to a particular problem then it is important to study the problem and the possible solution.

Similarly, in this study, there is a known problem and the researcher aims to establish if the hypothesis holds true. This study therefore provides an additional tool to the nurses in the tackling of the infant death problem. The study will also be used as a basis for further study in this area and on other areas of childcare.Introduction to Nursing Research Paper

To the administration, this study will provide the guidelines that are necessary in the monitoring and control of the nursing practice.


Although infant deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome are controllable, they remain to be a major problem. Research has shown that nonsupine sleeping is effective in preventing deaths from this condition. Nurses have a vital role to play in control of SIDS through educating parents on appropriate handling of infants.Introduction to Nursing Research Paper


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