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Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper

Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper

Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper

Please help me write the methodology for my study proposal. This article focuses on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the police force. A stratified random sampling is what I plan to use. That’s why I’m asking for a minimum of 200 people. Males and females make up the tiers. The gender/PTSD connection is something I need to investigate.

Use and expand upon the following headings; the text below them is for your reference only. Please use APA format and include copies of all resources used and any questions asked. I also require a well-written result for this. No plagiarism, ever….


Using indentation as a starting point, please provide a detailed description of the people you want to use in your study, including but not limited to their number, age, gender, ethnicity, and location. Whether or not everyone who meets your inclusion/exclusion criteria will be invited to take part in the study, please describe your sample methodology. Otherwise, please specify who will be left out and why. Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper


Use indentation to denote sections and provide a detailed explanation of the sources you will consult and the methods you will employ to compile your data. Describe the survey’s overall structure, including the number of questions and how they will be scored, if a questionnaire will be used.

You should include a sample of your complete questionnaire to your report. Provide a description of the instrument, its creators, its psychometric qualities (such as reliability and validity), how it is administered and scored, and an explanation of the results if the instrument has been used before in previous research. Specify the metrics that will be used to evaluate your proposal’s operational definition of each important word. Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper


Use indentation to lay out the specifics of your research design, including who will be contacted and how, where the study will take place, what participants will be asked to do, what questions will be answered, and how you intend to compile the results. The key question to ask is whether or not someone else could follow the procedures you outline in this section and obtain the desired results without your presence. Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper

If the data collector has to call you in the middle of your relaxing vacation on the beaches of the Bahamas to ask you to clarify what you mean at a certain point in your description because they do not understand your written directions or because they are missing some crucial steps for which your clarification is needed, your procedure is poor. Your assistant should be able to follow the protocol and collect the data without you having to micromanage them, so that when you return from vacation you can confidently give them the pricey reward you bought for yourself as a thank you. Methods Procedure Design Section Of Research Paper