Nature And Nurture Discussion

Nature And Nurture Discussion

Nature And Nurture Discussion

How, in no more than 350 words, do you think the concept of “nature and nurture” might finally put an end to the age-old “nature or nurture?” debate? Make sure to cite at least two credible sources.

For this assignment you will respond to Royce with 150 words,however please read the Original Question below

Consider your own genetics (traits received from your parents) and the environment in which you grew up. Which do you think has a greater impact on a person’s life decisions—”nature” (the genes people have) or “nurture” (the environment people in which grow up)? Explain your choice and support it with examples if possible. APA Format

Please respond to Royce with 150 words

I believe it is a pretty close race between nature and nurture with nurture leading by a nose. Nature decides many things for us such as physical appearance, health, even in some of our behavior. These things can be a deciding factor in how our lives are going to play out. For instance, if your were born with a kind of “homely” look and a more passive temperament, you might be that kid who has little to no friends in school, is always passed over for team events, and picked on some. Nature And Nurture Discussion

This may cause you to not have the confidence required to succeed later in life. Whereas the strapping young jock, who is always picked first and friends with many may develop the confidence required to take the world head-on and do well. Now me, for instance, I was a mixture. I was a jock for a while but wasn’t the best-looking or most popular. I had friends but not a lot of them. I was raised by my mom and stepfather (who were both hippies). I saw my father during the summer (country with a middle-of-the-road personality) until my teenage years when we had a falling out.

I always had a problem with authority and stayed in trouble pretty regularly. I ended up joining the Army because on my grandmother’s death bed she begged me to do something better with my life as the road I was on would have led to an early demise. My entire family laughed at me and didn’t think I would make it past basic training due to my attitude. I stayed in the Army until 2011 when I retired at the rank of Sergeant First Class. Nature And Nurture Discussion

My time in the Army nurtured me to not only follow rules and respect authority but that I could do that and still have a type-A personality. I am now a confident man who can make rules, follow rules, and bend rules. These days I tend to have more in common with my father whom I spent less time. I live a block away from my mom and still have more in common with my dad. So nurture and nature both played a very important role in the man I am today.

Week 1 Discussion Topic

Nature vs Nurture – Are Boys Really Better at Math?

For decades it has been accepted that boys are naturally better at math than girls. However as we come to better understand nature and nurture along with today’s advanced brain scanning instruments  this assumption is being challenged by many in the academic community.  What do you think – is this gender difference because of nature, nurture, or a combination of the two.

Before entering into this discussion conduct a web search with the following terms: gender AND mathematics. Nature And Nurture Discussion

In this week’s discussion, based on what you found in your research, answer the following questions:

Are the gender differences in mathematics because of nature, nurture, or a combination of the two? (Make sure to support your conclusion with your research)

What have been the effects of this unchallenged assumption?

Can anything be done to equalize gender performance in mathematics? If so what strategy do you propose? Nature And Nurture Discussion