NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

NURS 5052 Essentials of Evidence Based Practice

Shant’a Straughter

Dr. Amy Wilson

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NURS 6052 Evidence Based-Practice

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NURS 6052 Essentials of Evidence Based Practice


Today, information technology has infiltrated every aspect of the global business landscape, including payment options, advertisement, customer services, and inventory management. As such, it is critical for every business, regardless of size, to have a robust online presence. Having a robust online presence, especially a website, can make or break an organization’s ability to generate additional revenue.

Mayo Clinic is one of the healthcare institutions in the country that has successfully developed and uses a website that effectively meets its mission, vision, and customer needs. Mayo Clinic operates as anon-profit medical center that aims at integrating healthcare, education, and research. With over 4,500 medical practitioners and over 58,000 administrative health staffs, the institution is regarded as one of the vital healthcare institutions in the US. NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

Describe where, if at all, EBP appears (e.g., the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization, or in other locations on the website).

Mayo Clinic has implemented an interaction menu on its website to encourage customer interaction. Using this menu, customers can directly interact with the hospital officials regarding the organization services. According to Bardach et al., (2013), every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to influence their perception to make them loyal towards a given brand. NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

Every experience causes customers to change their actions. A business could win or lose money as a result of these changes. When a company practices good customer interaction, the company will always record increased sales, which then translates into higher profit margin (Cebi, 2013). Mayo Clinic also uses the interaction menu to collect feedback from their customers concerning the services it offers.

Additionally, to increase user experience, the hospital has used a simple interface to develop its website to reduce complexity when accessing the company information. The user interface aims to make digital interaction as straightforward, smooth, intuitive, and effective as possible (Shitkova et al., 2015). Simple interface design makes it easy to draw the viewer’s eye to the most important area of the page. To achieve this, the company has limited the website menu and navigation options on its website pages.

For instance, the company’s EBP (the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization) appears in the home menu of its website under a section called About US (Mayo Clinic. (n.d). As such, the organization’s work is grounded in EBP.

Explain whether the information you discovered on the healthcare organization’s website has changed your perception of the healthcare organization.
The information I obtained from the website has completely changed my mind how the organization handle its patients’ data. From instance, to protect patient privacy and confidentiality the organization has developed security policies to strengthen its prevention and mitigation strategies against data breach.

According to (Schatz, Bashroush &Wall, 2017), security policies are essential in building an organization’s security plan. An excellent cybersecurity plan should comprehensively highlight the guidelines for employees to follow in implementing an organization’s security plan. In this account, the Mayo Clinic has developed a comprehensive web use policy that layout the employees’ responsibility while using the organization’s IT assets when accessing the internet. This can help in reducing the hospital vulnerability to cyberattacks that can breach its patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Additionally, from the organization website, I found out that Mayo Clinic has implemented an access privilege among its employees to control the number of individuals accessing the hospital IT assets and critical information. The medical assistant’s access rights dictate which users are allowed to read, add, alter, and remove patient data from the hospital’s IT properties. NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs

Role-based access control (RBAC) and access control lists are two options available to the hospital (ACL). The hospital may use ACL to build names for users with special capabilities and give them permission to write, read, or remove data from the hospital’s secure files and documents. Anyone who isn’t on the list isn’t allowed to execute such functions and isn’t even aware that the resource exists.

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NURS 6052 Evidence Based Practice Competing Needs