NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

Results of MY Work Environment Assessment

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Results of My Work Environment Assessment


In a world where employee satisfaction is considered a vital factor in enhancing an organization’s performance, managers are constantly reminded to step outside their traditional roles and comfort zone to look for new ways of effectively managing their workforce (Anjum, Ming, Siddiqi & Rasool, 2018). Managers are expected to create a work environment where their employees enjoy and have pride in what they do, feel like they have a purpose, and aspire to reach their potential.

However, this can only be achieved through work environment assessment. According to (Huang, Masli, Meschke, & Guthrie, 2017), an assessment of the physical work environment is essential because it enables an individual to identify a number of opportunities for employers to create a conducive working environment for their employees. To the employees, it allows them to practice healthy behaviors, which translate into higher productivity. It also allows them to air out their grievances pertaining to salary/wages, working conditions, working hours, promotion, and additional work incentives. NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

Assessment of my work environment

Based on my Work Environment Assessment, I have realized that my workplace is highly civilized. I believe it’s a civilized place because I always feel at home and contented when working here. It is a place where everyone is accorded the chance to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, just as Kroning (2019) states. In my workplace, everyone is recognized and appreciate regardless of their level or status in the organization. Our leaders trust us and are always ready to delegate work to us and appreciate our efforts, irrespective of how little they are.

In relation to the nature of work that everyone undertakes and the amount of money paid in return, I have to say that they are indeed fair. One crucial factor that I enjoy about my workplace is that we are always working as a team and always ready to air out our opinions or concerns.
However, everything has never been rosy every time I walk through the door to take my shift. NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

There are some instances when I have felt like giving up and quitting because of the pressure and in some instances because of the incivility of some coworkers and even some of the managers. I can remember this one instance when so many patients were being admitted to the hospital, and I had already completed my shift. I went to change my clothes when my supervisor came to call me. She went ahead and told me that I couldn’t leave early because of the number of patients that were to be treated. NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

I tried to convince her that I had done my shift and had to pick someone in town. My supervisor could hear none of my excuses and demanded that I go back and continue working. This really hurt me, and I felt that the supervisor was unfair towards me. The other instance where I felt the aspect of incivility in my workplace was when one of the senior managers tried to bully me. Despite these unpleasant experiences, my work environment assessment has shown me that my current workplace is good and highly civilized. NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection

NURS 6052 Patient Preferences and Values Reflection References

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