NURS 6521 Allergies Discussion

NURS 6521 Allergies Discussion

NURS 6521 Allergies Discussion

A 35-year-old enters the medical facility. He says, “I need something to prevent me from becoming sick as allergy season approaches. I had an injection, a spray, some pills, and an inhaler from the doctor last year. I don’t recall what they were, but they did a great job. Can I have those goods once more? Simply put, I cannot miss work. NURS 6521 Allergies Discussion

Please answer the following questions in a narrative format:

  1. Discuss the epidemiology of allergies.
  2. What are your treatment options (consider pharmacoeconomic)? Compare first and second-generation antihistamines.
  3. What education will you provide to the patient?

1 initial post, 2 replies using APA format. All posts must be supported by peer-reviewed articles no older than 5 years of publication.

Week 7: Midterm Exam

This week, you will continue working on your Assignment started in Week 6, and you will complete your Midterm Exam.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify key terms, concepts, and principles related to prescribing drugs to treat patient disorders

Midterm Exam

The Exam covers the content you have explored throughout the first 6 weeks of this course.

This exam is a test of your knowledge in preparation for your certification exam. No outside resources—including books, notes, websites, or any other type of resource—are to be used to complete this quiz. You are not allowed to take screenshots or record the exam questions in any other format while taking the exam. You are expected to comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct.

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