Position Paper on Diabetes

Position Paper on Diabetes

Position Paper on Diabetes

I need assistance in a Position Paper. Draw upon evidence-based sources supporting or refuting this statement: Diabetes is the costliest health problem in the world.

1. Include the epidemiologic data, studies and concepts in the position paper.
2. Assessing the economic impact of diabetes mellitus

Use the CDC Disease Cost Calculator tool to calculate the Medicaid costs for diabetes and other illnesses (NOTE: Use values from MSIS and calculate chronic disease costs by age group).

And also from this website: http://www.forahealthieramerica.com/ds/staggering-costs-of-diabetes.html. APA 6 Format with viable references. © BrainMass Inc. brainmass.com March 22, 2019, 1:03 am ad1c9bdddf

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One can imagine the tremendous feat it would be to definitively affirm or negate the notion that diabetes is the costliest health problem in the world. To defend or object to this statement would be to accept that such a question could be asked in the first place. “Diabetes is the costliest health problem in the world” is a simple, one sided statement that addresses a complicated, multifaceted question.

In light of varying systems of health care delivery and billing throughout the world, we have to wonder, not only how expensive diabetes is, but expensive for whom? In a pseudo-universal healthcare system, such as the one ushered in by the Affordable Health Care Act, even the most generous insurance coverage leaves patients and their families thousands of dollars in debt. In countries with a truer universal healthcare system, the cost of treatment is absorbed entirely by the government. To determine the cost of diabetes treatment, this dichotomy of systems must be ignored for the sake of simplicity. Still, even if cost is understood outside of who pays it, it is imperative to take into account the quality and quantity of care – a detail intertwined in a country’s healthcare infrastructure – in order to evaluate the cost of diabetes treatment compared to the cost of chronic disease.

This inquiry is to be approached in a systematic way: first, the cost of diabetes should be compared to the cost of other disease treatments within the same healthcare infrastructure. Such an analysis will give insight to the comparative monetary burden of diabetes despite differences in availability and access to care. Secondly, due to the prevalence of diabetes in the United States and the wealth of information in the literature, the cost of diabetes should be understood within the US in various regions of the country. These two analyses combined will contribute to a robust response supporting or rejecting the … Position Paper on Diabetes

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