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Potential parenting challenges

Potential parenting challenges

Potential parenting challenges

In a minimum of 350 words, what are some potential parenting challenges that may arise between parents who have significantly different attachment experiences in their families of origin. How might these challenges best be navigated to avoid detriment to the family relationships?  Use at least 2 scholarly references.

Chapter 5:

What is a scheme and what is assimilation?

What are object permanence and habituation?

Why can’t you usually remember much of what happened in the early years of your life? Potential parenting challenges

  • What is language and how do infants communicate at birth?
  • What are the vocabulary differences between lower and higher SES children?
  • Chapter 6:
  • What are emotions?
  • At what age does separation protest peak?

What are the characteristics of the different temperaments of children according to Chess and Thomas?

Why is goodness of fit important in terms of temperament?

What is the second stage of Erikson’s theory of development, and what are some of the characteristics of this stage?

  • What is attachment, and what are some of the attachment styles found in the “Strange Situation” experiment?
  • Chapter 7:
  • What kinds of skills demonstrate the development of gross and fine motor skills?
  • What is the main factor associated with poor nutrition in American kids?
  • What are egocentrism, animism, and conservation?
  • What is the Zone of Proximal Development?

When a child talks to himself as a way of self-regulating his behavior, what is he doing?

Chapter 8:

Which Eriksonian psychosocial stage takes place in early childhood? Potential parenting challenges

  • What is the most appropriate response for a parent to give a child who is crying because a family member is moving away?
  • What is moral development?
  • What are gender identity and gender roles?
  • What gender do kids like to play with most when they are between 4-12 years of age?
  • What are the definitions of the different parenting styles?

Chapter 9:

What neural phenomenon accounts for a child’s improving dexterity for using scissors when they are 5 years old?

What are some of the contributing factors of obesity in kids?

  • What is/are the most effective treatment(s) for ADHD?
  • What does the Least Restrictive Environment mean?
  • If Susie cuts a brownie in a pan into 10 pieces, and her sister Jane tells her not to cut it into so many pieces because she cannot eat that many, what different stages of psychosocial development are each of them in, according to Piaget?
  • When you think of unique solutions to problems and can think of things in novel and unique ways, what is this called?
  • In what ways are many intelligence tests biased?
  • If a person is between a 55-70 IQ, what level of retardation do they have?

At what period of childhood do kids have the easiest time learning a second language? Potential parenting challenges


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Potential parenting challenges