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Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

5 Pages of an observation about a child, Need the text book HDEV5 by Spencer A Rathus in order to complete this because you need to use textbook terms.

– Rubric and some notes will be provided if interested in completing this.

Need done by 03/28/2019 at 1:00PM No later

Instructions for Developmental Observations
This is a 4 page (225-250 word each page, 10 or 12 font) assignment. It is a technical writing assignment similar to a caseworker presentation in social work, nursing or education. Each part (page) of the assignment has a particular function in the overall paper.
Start by reading all the samples and investigation of the articles in the “links” page of instructions. You may use one of these articles, but anappropriate article you find yourself will be worth a few points on your grade.

Then pick a subject available to you
The writing should have an objective tone. Avoid personalizing by minimizing “I think” “In my opinion” or other first person pronouns. Refer “thesubject” not “my subject.” Don’t predict, analyze or editorialize. Don’t characterize the individual by abstractions like socioeconomic class. Don’tsay “she’s a stereotypical grandmother” or he is a “nice man. Describe the subject and events in phenomenological detail- what you see asbehaviors. Quote the subject to express personality or style elements.

Pick a theme based on normal psychological development. Motor skills, verbal, social, emotional or whatever sphere, as long as the emphasisis on normal development. The purpose of the course is to understand and recognize patterns of NORMAL development. Do not pick achronically mentally ill, or any subject that evidences significant pathology or a very unusual situation of disability. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper


Get an online library card from the NECC library using the link on the homepage. You may use the readings provided in links for DevelopmentalObservations. They are intended to convey a standard. It is somewhat preferred that you find your own reading. You MUST find your readingusing EBSCO Host or any other search engine provided on the library search. Get the article cleared with me if you have any questions, beforeundertaking the project. Use a single source article. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

The quality of the chosen source is considered in evaluating your paper. It should be from a reputable academic journal. You need to summarizethe finding in the reading as it relates to your observation. One sentence at the end of your one page summary of the reading should state thefinding which is being evaluated by your observation.

The studies I am offering may be used as bases for your paper, but are essentially models of appropriate type studies. You are ultimatelyresponsible to search and locate a study and a subject that is appropriate for your purposes. If it is not one of the studies provided, you shouldcopy it and send it along with your paper- or clearly reference it if it is available in out library’s data bases. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper


The papers are based on subjects from age frames covered by the course. An age frame might be “,” “ middle age,” a young adult from say 20- 35, middle aged 35- 55, older 55-70 or very old, over 70 let’s say. Don’t use an immediate relative or a best friend to maintain objectivity. If youdo use someone close don’t let me or the reader know. Each of your papers should cover a different and distinct age frame.

Getting started.

The best approach to the assignment is to search for a study or article that seems to apply to a potential subject in your pool of availablechoices. If your friend, neighbor or co-worker has a parent or friend who seems to fit the category of a reading you’re interested in- that might be a good place to start. Do not use your own immediate relatives- objectivity becomes impossible. Often when you review articles a subject willcome to mind. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

Format start with a heading at left with your name course assignment and version, then date
a. Page one is a psychosocial profile describing physical, environmental, parental, family variables. Start with age, stature, physicalappearance. Then talk about spouse family. Then educational background and work. Then home and neighborhood. Then talk about lifestyle:hobbies activities, memberships, politics and church affiliation. Be succinct.

b. SUMMARY OF THE READING. You must use a NECC college library data base TO LOCATE AN APPROPRIATE HIGH QUALITY JOURNAL ARTICLE. Page two summarizes theme of the reading, describes method and subjects used in study. Start with the title and authors. End with asentence or two foreshadowing what you will focus in the observation.

c&d. Page three ( summarize developmental observation or interviews. Location and circumstances, duration.Don’t use a Q&A format, but include key quotes that capture the essence of the meeting. Don’t give opinions herein. This section is forstudiously reporting events you observe as objectively as possible- “phenomenological observation.”. Avoid opinions or editorializing- just thefacts. Write in full sentences- don’t outline or list. Avoid charts and graphs as much as possible- or put them in addendum- not as part of thenarrative.. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

e. Assessment. Page four assesses the theme of the reading in light of the detailed behavioral observations made of the subject. The sole work of the assessment is the explicit comparison of the central assertions of the source article and the details of thephenomenological observation.

This is where writers MISTAKENLY inject inappropriate editorial remarks or grandiloquent conclusions. Please avoid that trap It is not importantthat your observations support the theme of the article- they may not. Probably the article is based on a sample selection of subjects. Yourobservation is a single subject that may evidence individual differences. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

f. Citation: APA citation in full here, followed by a working url address. This is usually the persistent link located on the first page of EBSCOarticle. Don’t use the address that you find in the url box after a search. Then you’d need your library card. I want to be able to open the article athome.

Summary and checklist of paper requirements.
1- Paper must have 4 pages at 225-250 words per page in 10 to 12 font.
2- Paper must be written according to prescribed format. It should open with a statement about the age frame, key theme or point of article usedfor reference, and summary description of subject and how / where you located the subject. Each section should have a subheading (bold). Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

3- Paper must have a single subject – not twins, siblings, families etc. Subject should not be your parent, grand mom or immediate relative.

4- This is an exercise in technical writing. Everything has a place and the place is based on convention. This enables a reader to quickly locateinformation of particular interest. Paper has a formal writing style. Proper English usage in narrative style with paragraphing and referencing.Avoid editorializing (“I feel”, ‘I think”). No slang, listing, or other “creative” deviations from expository English constructions.

Good paragraphing is desirable. The means that paragraphs have a theme and hang together around a topic sentence. Many students don’tparagraph well. Psychological Developmental Observation Paper

Paper must completely ( author title date, location where published) reference the reading source at the end fully in APA form (see librarywebsite) Include URL website address where applicable. Include a copy of reading when web address is unavailable. Single or unaccredited webpages are not suitable sources. Journal articles located through the NECC library data bases (i.e. EBSCO etc) are required.