Research and hypotheses

Research and hypotheses

Research and hypotheses

Pick an area of curiosity for a future study and explain why you’re interested in it. In what way does this research aim to solve a problem? I’m interested in hearing your study’s hypotheses and questions. Point forth the factors that will be examined in your proposed study. Study and speculation

Assignment Objectives:

  • Students will identify QSEN’s competencies for nursing.
  • Students will have the opportunity to synthesize knowledge and apply skills acquired in the nursing academic and practice settings.
  • Students will extend their academic experience into areas of nursing practice interest, working with new ideas, issues, organizations, and individuals. Research and hypotheses
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to think and act critically and creatively about nursing practice issues and will further develop their analytical and ethical leadership skills necessary to address and help solve these issues.
  • Students will refine the ability to utilize evidence based research and demonstrate proficiency in written and communication skills.

Assignment Instructions

The Clinical Practice Project (CPP) is the culminating academic endeavor of nursing students who earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Ohio University. The project provides students with the opportunity to explore a problem or issue of particular professional interest that is somehow related to one of the following nursing QSEN competencies: patient-centered care, teamwork/collaboration, evidence based practice, quality improvement, safety or informatics (QSEN: Each of the QSEN competencies somehow link to nursing excellence. For your project you will need to: Research and hypotheses

  1. Select an issue/problem that you have a professional interest in. Example: Creation of a patient education tool to prevent falls
  2. Select a QSEN competency that relates to that problem. Example: Safety
  3. Select a health care organization that can help support your issue: Example: The CDC
  4. Develop a global objective: Example: At the completion of this project I will have developed a patient educational tool to present to staff on 1-South to be distributed to all patients on 1-South to prevent falls.
  5. Develop at least four project objectives: Example:
    1. Research current literature on the prevention of falls and patient educational material content.
    2. Seek falls data from ABC Hospital quality department and specifically from the 1-South Unit.
    3. Review data results and evaluate for trends.
    4. Develop a patient educational tool on fall prevention.
    5. Educate staff on use of the patient educational tool
    6. Implement patient educational tool and present to at least ten patients on 1-South.
  1. Develop possible resources needed to help meet your goals/objectives.
    1. Meet with unit manager and seek approval on project implementation.
    2. Review the CDC web site for current references and resources on fall prevention.
    3. Create patient educational tool, copy and prepare to distribute.
    4. Create a timeline to implement the patient educational tool.

This assignment is the first of five assignments to complete your Clinical Practice Project (CPP). Each weekly assignment will build upon the last one. It is very important that you follow the directions carefully and review your teachers document/grading rubric for comments so that you can improve each week. Research and hypotheses

This Form is to be typed.

Project Topic: Fall prevention in geriatric population

Talk about solution/reason why you want to do this research

Discuss Health Care Organization

Elderly population at fall risk

Global Objective

To create education-based information platform that focuses on patient care through consistent seminars for patients and healthcare providers.

Talk about introducing walkers or support equipemtns to aid the elderly while walking

Introduce more physical therapy treatment to help with their balance and strengthen their core and lower body muscles.

Train staff on proper care when transporting patience from wheelchair to bed, or vice versa

Project Objectives

Talk about

1.       Introduce an evidence-based program to help prevent falls.

Goal-  provide with a physical therapy to help patient with physical activities at least twice a day to strengthen their lower extremities to prevent them from falling

2.       Decrease patient falls

Goal- Ensuring patients have non-skid socks, patient have all necessary items they need in reach at their bed side table Research and hypotheses

3. Encouraging patients to use their assistive aid when up and walking to prevent them from falling.

Goal- Prevent patients from undergoing into surgery d/t broken bones

4. Remove excess equipment/supplies/ furniture from rooms & hallways.

Goal: eliminating external factors contributing to the high risk of falls

Direct patient contact/engagement-implementation in clinical practice:
Possible steps to assist me in completing my project: List at least 4 steps in your project Research and hypotheses