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School psychologist career

School psychologist career

School psychologist career


For this class, you must submit a paper that is anywhere from three (3) to five (5) pages in length; however, by the time you factor in the required title page, abstract, and reference page, the total number of pages will be at least six (6).

RESEARCH. School psychologist career.

• The student must research the career on their own time.

• Each student must utilize 3 sources that help you identify the questions in the box below. Be careful with some internet sources (are they valid?).

o Examples of possible sources could be… School psychologist career

 Career Transitions


 The Career Project

 Careers Internet Database

 US Military Careers Research

 SJC’s Career & Employment Center

• Each source must be from within the past 5 years.


• Students have picked a psychologist to research. School psychologist career.

• The student must turn in a 3-5 page research paper over the career topic. The paper should address the following…

• 1st section – WHAT IS IT?

o What is the career? What does this career look like (i.e. what are the job’s duties; what does a typical day entail)?

o What professional skills are required? What experience is required? School psychologist career.

o Who are the top organizations that offer the job?

o How much is the average income?

o How prevalent (common) is this career today? What is the present demand for this career? Will there be a strong demand (job growth) for that career in the future? What are the trends that could influence the demand in the future?

o Is this career regional (specific to certain parts of the country/world)? Will there be local jobs in that field, or will you have to relocate?

o What chances of advancement/promotion are there in this career? What is the typical career path of the job?

• 2nd section – HOW WOULD ONE GET THERE?

o What amount of college/university work (degree type) is required? What type of educational degree is most useful? School psychologist career

 How long will this education take?

 How much money $ will this education require?

o Are there internships available that would expose one to the job?


o Who will this career serve?

o What is the personal value of this career?

o Will the job pay enough to maintain a good of lifestyle? (marriage, children, house, cars, vacations, retirement, savings)

• The paper must be typed (black ink, white paper), 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, and double spaced. It should be left justified with new paragraphs/sections tabbed/indented. The title of the paper should be the career you are researching.

• The research paper must have a cover page and reference page.

• The entire paper (cover page, text of paper, and reference page) must be in APA format! Citations MUST be included in APA format (if there are no citations, you have plagiarized)!

• The paper will be submitted electronically through TurnItIn via D2L (“Career Paper” under the Assessment tab).


Gather information concerning education and training, places of employment, tasks and problems the Psychologists would ordinarily encounter in a day to day routine. Also, research the median salary for your chosen field, find averages for the state of Texas and the Country’s overall average as well. School psychologist career

Your paper should represent excellent organization of ideas in a logical or purposeful way. Display excellent use of written skills, and have good use of critical thinking skills to include identifying and stating issues clearly and use logic and reason to evaluate evidence.

You need to use at least three (3) different sources and include a reference page.

Your paper will need to be in APA format, you can pick up a reference form from the library.

The body of the paper will be 3-5 pages. (Times new roman, 12 pt font, 1 in margins).