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Stress and Coping Project

Stress and Coping Project

Stress and Coping Project


Stress and Coping Project

Guidelines and Rubric

You’re going to develop, organize, and practice a method of relaxation or coping and keep a health journal to track your progress. You’ll devote 10–15 minutes a day to a tried-and-true method (like meditation) for two weeks. Use the Daily Stress and Coping Entry Form (included under Doc Sharing) to keep track of how you’ve been feeling emotionally and how you’ve dealt with stress leading up to each session. One daily entry form is required. Stress and Coping Project

You’ll do a temperature check of your emotional state before and after getting to work on this assignment. Provide a brief summary of the positive effects of the stress management approach you tried, the difficulties you faced, and your plans for further application of the techniques you learnt. This report should also include a chart, graph, or other visual representation of the author’s individual data to summarize their findings. The length of this report shouldn’t exceed three double-spaced pages at the most.

Typeset in accordance with APA guidelines.

Project on Stress and Resilience

After 2 weeks, you will report on your experience with a stress management / relaxation technique that you practiced for 10-15 minutes every day.

Select a challenge you’d like to undertake and carry out for a full two weeks. Here are a few suggestions: Exercises like walking, jogging, stretching, cycling, swimming, weight training, jumping rope, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, progressive relaxation, body scanning, visualization, repetitive prayer, listening to soothing music, painting, coloring, and writing in a journal about three things you’re grateful for, something you wish for or dream about, or a positive experience you had that day are all great ways to relax and unwind. Attempt something new every day for two weeks, and commit to doing it even if you don’t like it. Stress and Coping Project

Before beginning your daily routine, make a mental note of how you’re feeling on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being an extremely negative mood, 5 representing neutrality, and 10 representing an extremely positive one. Keep a log of how you’re feeling on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing extreme agitation, 5 representing neutral, and 10 representing extreme calm. Continue recording your feelings and emotions once the exercise is over. You should keep track of this data on a daily basis, and while you don’t have to submit it, you should nonetheless include a summary of your findings in your report.

After 14 days, look back on how you felt over the entire period and assess whether or not you saw any changes in your disposition as you got ready to compose your essay. Stress and Coping Project

Start off your essay by giving a detailed account of the method you used to deal with tension and relax. Then, go over the results you’ve seen after keeping note of them day by day. You will receive a quarter of your total essay grade based on how well you explain both what you anticipated finding and what really turned up to be the case.

Next, explain how your method improves your emotional health by writing an overview. You should also talk about the difficulties you had and the lessons you took away from the event as a whole. You should also let others know whether you plan on continuing to use the method in the future. This section accounts for a further 25% of your total essay grade, so be sure to give it your full attention. Stress and Coping Project