Supervision Plan Essay

Supervision Plan Essay

Supervision Plan Essay

  • Develop a supervision plan to guide productive and positive mentorship with your supervisor during supervision meetings.
  • Explain how supervision adds to your professional growth and development.
  • Explain how you used this week’s readings and resources to inform your plan.
  • Include at least three (3) specific items in your plan.
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Supervision in Field: What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting

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Supervision in Field: What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting Program Transcript

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Hello. Thank you for coming to talk about your internship

expectations and questions you may have. First, we are happy to have you here

interning. Our agency has hosted quite a few social work students. And I hope that you

will have a positive and enriching experience. Let’s start by getting a few housekeeping

things out of the way.


FEMALE SUPERVISOR: You participated in the agency orientation. Do you have any


MALE STUDENT: I do. Thank you. What’s my caseload going to be like?

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Great question. The pace of your learning is based on your

motivation and engagement. You’re an intern here, so we don’t expect you to have the

same caseload or responsibilities as an employee. You’re learning the roles and tasks

now, so I would expect your caseload to increase as your competencies increase.

MALE STUDENT: That sounds good.

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Next, let’s talk about our regular face-to-face meetings. You

are here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I have you

scheduled for 9:00 AM every Monday for one hour. Please add that to your calendar.

MALE STUDENT: Done. What should I bring?

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: You don’t need to bring anything to the agency for your work,

but you will want to think about how to plan our supervision meetings. To make this a

meaningful experience for your growth, we’ll want to consider a few checkpoints to

touch base on each week and make sure we have time to review your work and discuss

your learning and professional goals. Many schools use a student supervision checklist

to help them plan the sessions. You may want to refer to your field course to identify

what form they would like you to use.

MALE STUDENT: Oh, yes. I think I remember seeing that in the course. I’ll bring it next

week so we can review it.

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: I look forward to reviewing your ideas for how to make this a

productive meeting. The form will help us make sure we cover important topics relating



Supervision in Field: What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting

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to your learning agreements, client concerns, and your goals. Do you have any

questions about what you need to be prepared to discuss?

MALE STUDENT: Well, in our meetings, can we talk about things not on the form?

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Of course. We just need to be sure to document what was

discussed and what we both committed to doing for the week. Does that work for you?

MALE STUDENT: Yes. What if I am sick, or you are sick?

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Great question. We can schedule a makeup session.

MALE STUDENT: OK. What if you’re not here?

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: I will introduce you to the rest of the team, especially Devon.

He’s my designated backup and your task supervisor if I’m ever out of the office. He is

qualified to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. We commit to

ensuring that you always have full supervision while you’re here. There are several

other items to cover before our time is up. Do you have any other questions before I


MALE STUDENT: No. Thanks. I’m excited to know what I need to do.

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Let’s talk about expectations. First, you’ll want to make sure

you follow the dress code and are dressed professionally. As an intern, you are part of

the agency culture and should understand the importance of safety, respectful

engagement, and professionalism. And you must be cognizant of confidentiality and the

need for documentation.

We should also discuss your professional goals. I want to make sure you get the most

out of this internship experience. You can always come to me or Devon if it seems like

you have nothing to do or if questions come up.


MALE STUDENT: That was a lot.

FEMALE SUPERVISOR: Yes, it was. You know what would be helpful? If you wrote up

a quick list of things that stuck out to you from our discussion today and what you

understood. Then next time, we can talk about any questions you have. How does that


MALE STUDENT: I can do that. I look forward to our next meeting. I’ll come with my

supervision checklists and make sure I write down any questions I have. Thanks for this

time. I’m excited to get started with my work here.



Supervision in Field: What to Expect in Your Initial Meeting

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