Original Work, NO PLAGERIESM, Cite Reference

Create an APA formatted reference .

The purpose of the service learning reflection paper is to demonstrate what you have learned about yourself as a person and as a future nurse. All papers are expected to be written in APA format with a title page. The paper should be at least 3, but no more than 4 pages in length (excluding title page and references).


(1) A brief summary of what happened; more importantly your perceptions and impression of your service learning experience. The purpose is to demonstrate what important lesson(s) you learned.


-Made breakfast for the homeless on both days (such as breaking eggs, setting sausage on a tray, setting up tables and making baggies filled with salt, sugar, pepper, fork, spoon and napkin to set out at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul -10/08/17 & 10/22/17 from 8am till 11am hours on each day for a total of 6 hours.)


-I was working with reformed individuals that were on drugs and with the help of Dawn (the coordinator) she was teaching them a skill in the kitchen and discipline so that they are able to get a job in the future.


-My perception was that there were so many homeless individuals and it could have probably been there only hot meal of the day


-My impression as a female I had a friend drop me off on both occasions at the door because I felt uncomfortable with how many people were milling around outside of the church as well as inside in the lobby. I felt like security was lax.


2) Identify and explain at least two (2) relevant concepts from the NUR 2100 course. Describe how the concepts that you chose relate to your service and professional nursing.


1. Patient Centered Care

2. Art of Nursing Communication/Collaboration/Teamwork

Describe and explain the core concepts in enough depth to demonstrate your understanding of the concept.


(3 Review the McAuley School of Nursing Philosophy statement and choose at least 2 characteristics that exemplify a Mercy and Jesuit graduate. Describe how your service experience has assisted you to better understand the relevance of the characteristics that you identified to your chosen profession of nursing.

(See attached to choose)

(4 Must include at least 2 current references (only 1 can be from the book)


Book: Black, B. P. (2017). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges. (8th ed.) St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders


AGENCY: Cathedral Church of Saint Paul


Description: Sunday morning breakfast program and New Year’s Day breakfast.

Contact: 313-833-4409

Service The Breakfast Ministry

Service Opp Descripton: Help prepare and serve breakfast to those in need (often homeless). Help is

needed from 8:00 am-11:00 am on Sunday morning.




At least 3, but no longer than 4 pages, double-spaced, typed in 12-point font Times New Roman.


APA format with title page, running head, in-text citations and correctly formatted reference page.


A = insightful

· Description of the course concepts demonstrates reflection and learning beyond just summarizing what was discussed in class and text.

· Application to the service learning activity demonstrates real insightful understanding of the ideas.

· Tight link between the description of the service learning activity, course concepts, Mercy/Jesuit characteristics from the UDM Mission, and the conclusions or implications drawn.

· Correct APA format with title page, running head, in-text citations and correctly formatted reference page.


B = competent

· Paper demonstrates correct and complete (but not insightful) analysis and application of the course concepts to the described service learning activity.

· It is clear from reading the paper that the student understands what was communicated and discussed in class, but probably has not necessarily learned something more from the analysis/application and reflection/write-up of what happened.

· Paper’s link between description, concepts, Mercy/Jesuit characteristics and applications is not tight.

· Not clear how the concepts relate to the description, or how the description and concepts logically lead to the conclusions or implications.

· Paper touches on several concepts on the surface, rather than exploring any one of them in any useful depth or identifying a theme that ties them all together.

· Generally correct APA format with some errors


C (or worse) inadequate

· Description of the course concepts is incomplete or incorrect.

· Application of the concepts to the service learning situation is flawed.

· Paper does not link the service learning activity, course concepts, Mercy/Jesuit characteristics and application.

· Paper describes the service learning activity without really applying the concepts.

· Paper bounces around among a variety of concepts without fully explaining or applying any of them.

· Paper uses words/terms from the class without communicating a sense of understanding their real meaning.

· Paper doesn’t make clear what the student learned, or that the student learned anything.

· Multiple APA errors throughout the paper.