The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Respond to any of the following questions.

Locate a job description in a local, regional, or national job search engine that advertises a human services-related position working with either victims of sexual offenses or violent crime or working with the offenders of one or both of these crimes. Reflecting on your personality, life experiences, and skill sets, which would you be more comfortable working with (either directly or indirectly) as a human services professional: Victim or offender? The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Explain your conclusions. This journal should contain 300- words. Please include the job posting link and copied and pasted job description with your submission. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

I am a director of social services and I work in a women shelter


For this assignment, review the collaboration scenarios in the presentations Collaboration Scenarios – Mental Health Counselor Scatterdesk in this unit’s study, and select one of the scenarios.

Complete the following for the scenario you selected:

  • Describe how and with whom each of the professionals might collaborate to respond to legal or ethical issues described in the scenario. How does the quality of the interaction impact the service provided to the clients or students?
  • Describe the role and function each professional would serve in terms of assessing or responding to any of the legal or ethical issues that may arise when working with this client or student. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals
  • Imagine that you are the counselor working with this student or client, and you will be serving as the lead person to coordinate efforts among the team of professionals at this setting.
    • What are some ways in which you might initiate collaboration efforts to resolve the legal and ethical issues?
    • What methods will you use to communicate?
    • How will you know if these strategies are effective? The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals
  • Include in your response references to at least two specific state laws and two specific codes from the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and/or or the 2010 ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors that relate to your case.
  • Develop an effective communication to one of the professionals assisting your client: For the client in the mental health counselor scenario: You and the client agree she would meet with a new psychiatrist for an evaluation. Compose a letter that you would send, with the client’s permission, to the psychiatrist. In the letter, describe the reason for your referral, the relevant information you would like the psychiatrist to have about the client, and the information you would like to receive after the evaluation is completed. (You may need to make up some of the details about the client and your work with her.)

Collaboration Scenarios – Mental Health Counselor Scatterdesk

Case Description Document

A community mental health center includes a licensed clinical social worker, a psychologist who provides testing and other assessments, a child therapist and a staff of five counselors. The center also has a relationship with a psychiatrist at a nearby Free Clinic. A 31-year-old single mother of three children (ages 9, 5 and 3), has been seeing her counselor for four months and has become increasingly anxious over the past weeks. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

In the last few sessions she has disclosed that she feels frightened all of the time, is unable to sleep through the night, and worries that “something horrible is going to happen.” She admits to having a “couple of drinks” during the evening several times a week. She’s met with the social worker on two occasions to help her secure food stamps and get her children appointments at the local dental clinic.

The children are now meeting for play therapy sessions with the child therapist during the time the mother is seeing her own counselor. She had met with the psychologist for an initial visit, but has not returned to complete any of the testing. At the end of the last appointment, the client disclosed that was very worried that she’s a horrible mother and is afraid that her children will be taken away and placed in foster care. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Memo From Child Therapist

I wanted you to know that I’ve been working with this client’s children for three sessions and the mother has granted permission for you to see the notes of the last session. Let me know if you want to talk about it. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Notes From Child Therapist’s Session

Jane, age 9, Johnny, age 5, and Emma, age 3, met with me for their third counseling session. All children were dressed in clean clothing but Johnny was missing his socks and Emma’s shoes were falling apart. We spent the first half of the session working in the sand tray; the children then wanted to draw pictures. Themes that emerged for Jane centered on control and order; she appears to feel overly responsible for her siblings and very protective of her mother.

Johnny’s play included themes of “secrets” and “hiding” – he is wary in the room and reluctant to engage in spontaneous play. Emma is very shy and has not spoken more than a few words in each of the sessions. During this session she was very tearful, which I have not previously observed. I believe it would be useful to consult with Jane’s and Johnny’s teachers. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Note from another counselor at the clinic

Hi – I wanted to let you know that your client showed up during the week thinking she had an appointment with you. I spoke with her for about 20 minutes – she was very anxious about some things a neighbor had said to her – but calmed down during our meeting. She appeared to have been drinking. I told her that I’d let you know she had been here. The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals

Note from Psychologist

The client has still not returned to complete the assessment battery. I’d like to rule out Bipolar Disorder and further evaluate what I believe to be either paranoid or delusional thinking. There may be some Personality Disorder features. Do you want me to write up a report now based on my meeting with her or should I wait until the full battery is complete?

Voicemail From Social Worker

Jane Greunke
This is Jane, the social worker. Your client called to ask if I could get her 3-year old girl enrolled in a day care program. She sounded very disoriented during the call. I’m considering asking Child Protective Services to evaluate the home. What do you think? The Role and Impact of Human Service Professionals