The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

King, 4e by Laura King

It is important to state that discussion entries can be as personal as you are willing to share; however, although I ask that what is shared during this semester be kept confidential, please be mindful that I cannot regulate if something is shared outside of us.

Discussion posts are a place to talk about what you learned and how it applies to your life from each chapter. You should choose an interest that will stimulate constructive mental processing (good thinking) that will in turn manifest in action. Your posts should address questions raised in the text, draw on information presented in the assigned weekly chapters, and reflect your unique perspective and/or experience with the material.

Posts must also be backed up by scholarly literature, popular or scientific articles, poetry, music, or other forms of media that are directly related to the weekly theme(s). From time to time, I may share some thoughts, opinions, and/or questions and invite your feedback.

Postings should be five to seven sentences in length and should reflect your original thinking. If there are more than 1 chapter readings for the week (i.e. Weeks 7 and 8), you must write a topic of interest paragraph for each chapter (in the same discussion post; please, separate the chapters by paragraph). Correct grammar, syntax, and spelling are expected. The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

Discussion postings will be graded as follows:

1) Identify a topic in the chapter reading that interested you and provide your definition/explanation of it

2) Explain how this psychology topic relates to you or someone you know (do NOT give identifiable info)

3) Tell how/why the topic/information is relevant to you

4) Cite (i.e., provide the source) and discuss additional material (not the textbook) that is related to the week’s topic

5) You must respond to two of your classmates, respectfully agreeing or disagreeing, with an explanation, to your chosen classmates why you feel the way you do.

***missing any of the five portions will result in zero points for assignment

The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View example

Hi All,

I hope this helps…

Chapter 1

A topic in this chapter reading that interested me would be the life-span perspective and life expectancy. I was shocked to discover that our life expectancy average in the United States has increased 32 years since 1900. That would be like an increase of another whole lifetime in the Middle Ages, England, when life expectancy was 33 years old. The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

This really relates to me by showing me just how seriously lucky I am to have my grandfather, who raised me, alive at 86 years old and how unlikely that would have been a hundred years ago. “Highly educated adults in the United States have lower yearly mortality rates than less-educated people in every age, gender, and racial/ethnic subgroup of the population.”(Hummer).

Chapter 2

A topic that really caught my interest in Chapter two was the Adoption section of the chapter. This really broke my heart to know just how important it may be to be adopted at a very young age in order for them to have a positive outcome. I was also shocked to find out that even with abortion becoming legal, their are still over 100,000 children in the U.S foster care waiting to be adopted.

This is very relevant to me because I was adopted at age 7 my life was saved for the best and I would like to say I’ve had a very positive outcome from where I was. “Adoption-related and other emotional challenges may be compounded by learning issues that can have an impact on an adopted teen’s self-esteem, self-confidence, or academic performance.” I have to say I really agree with this statement and also struggled myself through my early years of schooling after being adopted. The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

References: The Science of Psychology An Appreciative View

Hummer, Robert A, and Elaine M Hernandez. “The Effect of Educational Attainment on Adult Mortality in the United States.” Population Bulletin, U.S. National Library of Medicine, June 2013, (Links to an external site.)

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Our textbook is The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View, 5th Edition, by Laura King, ISBN-13: 9781260500523