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The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems

The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems

The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems


According to the family systems theory “everything that happens to any family member has an impact on everyone else in the family.” Look at the following case study through the lens of family systems theory. The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems

  • After almost eight years of marriage, James and Katie are attempting to start a family while also making ends meet. While Susan (age 7) is at school, Katie spends the day at home with Will (age 3), Zack (age 2), and Zack. Katie started working at a nearby factory six months ago, doing the 4–12 shift while James looks after the kids at night.Little time is left for the couple or family to spend together as a result.Susan, who considers her mother to be her best friend, has admitted that she misses spending as much time with her as she used to.She has expressed to her parents her wish that things “would go back to what they used to be” when Katie did not have a job outside the home.
  • Susan has been having academic problems at school. Her teacher, who was concerned about changes in Susan’s behavior (increased irritability and expressed frustration with other students), recently called in the parents. She suggested that Susan see a counselor. The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems
  • Katie cannot help feeling tired all the time, and she is a bit overwhelmed by the demands of two jobs. Although Katie would like to reduce her hours at work, or to quit her job, James worries about how the loss of income would impact the family. James seems to be withdrawing, and he wonders why Katie thinks she is the only one with two sets of responsibilities.
  • The family usually attends church on Sundays, but has little time for increased involvement. Katie’s parents live about an hour away, although they rarely see one another.  James’s parents live out of state.
  1. Explain how you would evaluate the family through this theory.
  2. What changes towards health would you recommend for this family?
  3. You should take concepts described in the text and illustrate how they may relate to this family.

Examples of concepts can include:

  • Hierarchy of connected systems: multiple system levels, suprasystem, subsystem, boundaries, the interdependence of parts,
  • Flexibility in the family: open systems, closed systems, The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems
  • Cohesion,
  • Communication and feedback loops


  • Paper length is approximately 700-750 words
  • Use APA style, including a cover page and reference page.
  • Introductory Paragraph, setting forth a clear statement of your assignment.
  • Conclusion, a concise statement that reaffirms your assignment.
  • Cite a minimum of 2 sources (APA). This can include the textbook, or other outside materials.

Discuss how the following Guiding Questions—which are based on the systems theories lens—help you better understand your organization. Include in your discussion thread the strengths and weaknesses of this lens for gaining that understanding.  You do not have to share your views on each of the guiding questions.

Guiding Questions

What is the cycle of production for this organization? i.e., what are we about as an organization?
a. What do we bring in (input), how do we use it and form our product (throughput)?
b. What do we send out into the larger world (output)? The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems

Are we open to negative feedback from the sub and super systems?
a. What are we doing to reverse the entropy of the system?
b. Are we exploring other paths to the ends (equifinality)?

What is our proper place in the broader society and economy?  Issue: genotypic function (Productive, Maintenance, Adaptive, Managerial/Political)

  1. Are we balancing our need for profit with a long-term view of survival? The issue is the Maximization Principle

How are we scanning the environment?  What do we know about the environmental sectors? (Economic, political, social, etc.)

this discussion, you are being asked to discuss how answering the questions help you to better understand your organization.  Explain how the questions have helped you understand your organization better.  For example, when discussing your views on the structural theories lens, you might say “viewing the chain of command helped me to realize…” or “after considering the span of control, it is clear that…”  . Should  be  480  words  apa style, citations and references.  The Theoretical Lens Of Family Systems

  1. please include   one of these sources

Bolman, L.G. and Terrence Deal (2021). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership (7th ed.). Chapters 3-5