Title The Science Behind Psychology

Title The Science Behind Psychology

Title The Science Behind Psychology

cite and reference the following information in a properly formatted reference and in-text citation: “Book chapter, print version.”  APA FORMAT

  • Author: Jonathon Kirk
  • Date: 2011
  • Title: The Science Behind Psychology
  • Editors: Jane Doe and Rick Holsen
  • Pages 15-34
  • Phoenix, Arizona Title: The Science Behind Psychology
  • VanHorn publishers, Inc.


Before you dig in to study a chapter, turn to the end of the chapter and review the Summary of the chapter. This is a very good study technique.
Read chapter 1 and answer the following study guide questions. Then submit the file to me for grading. Be sure to answer the questions in your own words and refrain from copying from the text. Use a lot of real life examples when appropriate. If you do those two things, I’ll know you have studied this material and understand it.

These study guides are for two purposes: to help you learn the material and to assure me you’ve read the chapters and understand. We don’t have the benefit of a classroom lecture/discussion situation, so write plenty and prove to me you really are learning these concepts. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Chapter 1 Study GuideFile

Chapter 1 Study Guide SubmissionAssignment

Take the following 6 point matching quiz over the contemporary approaches to psychology.

Chapter 1 Quiz


Take the following 6 pt. quiz over some terminology in the experimental method.

Experimental Method Quiz
You will be having an exam over the first 2 chapters.

The sixth item needed is access to a computer. It is recommended that you use Microsoft Word, but other word processors will do. A printer is recommended but not required to complete the course.

Results of Institutions 7

1. Critical Thinking: The capacity to separate relevant from irrelevant data in order to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, or apply it in order to reach a reasonable conclusion. Title The Science Behind Psychology

“Effective communication” is defined as “the process by which information, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs are conveyed from one person to another with the expectation that the receiver will respond in kind.”

Third, take charge of your own life and make it your mission to meet or exceed all of your goals and objectives.

8. Results by Division:

1. Recognize and use appropriate research techniques in the field of psychology. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Second, dissect a specific human connection to determine its constituent parts.

3. Evaluate the literature on the influence of upbringing and genetics on behavior.

Four, briefly explain the various theoretical stances on the topic of human growth.

5. Evaluate the goals of psychology in light of the diversity of people and the characteristics that make them unique.

Describe the six guiding research ethics principles.

Course Outcomes, No. 9

First, you will have learned how psychology evolved from a branch of philosophy into a rigorous scientific discipline.

Second, you will be able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate psychological research methods critically.

Thirdly, we will have learned the biological underpinnings of our senses and our consciousness.

Learn the fundamental functions of learning and memory in the formation of human thought and language (outcome 4).

Fifth, you will gain an understanding of how people change in predictable ways over time.

Learning about one’s own motivations and emotions, as well as the theories and methods used to evaluate people’s personalities, is the sixth outcome.

Learn more about health and adjusting to life’s challenges, including how stress plays a role in dysfunctional behavior patterns and how to effectively treat them (Outcome 7). Title The Science Behind Psychology

Ten Steps to Success in College

a. How to Drop a Class:

1. The withdrawal request is to be submitted online by the student. You can find this in the WebAdvisor.

Second, the instructor is notified of the drop via email immediately after the student submits the form.

The third step is for the teacher to log into WebAdvisor and either grant or deny the request.

If the teacher does not respond right away, an email will be sent to him or her every night until the request is either approved or denied.

5. If the professor does not respond within two business days, the department chair will receive an email informing them of this.

Once the request has been processed and approved, the Student Records Office will process the withdrawal effective as of the date the request was submitted. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Methods for Contesting a Grade:

a. If a student thinks their course grade is wrong, they can file an appeal. If you need more details, have a look at the Student Handbook.

Accommodations for Unique Groups/Special Populations

Contact the Academic Resource Center at the beginning of the semester if you think you might need academic accommodations. The staff will check credentials and arrange for suitable modifications. Each semester, students will need to submit a new notification of accommodation. Title The Science Behind Psychology

For more details, please contact:

Center for Academic Resources


Regulations for This Course

By continuing enrollment in this course, you, the student, agree to the policies outlined in this syllabus. a. Course Syllabus Agreement.

b. Feel free to contact me via e-mail at meyers@iowacentral.edu if you have any questions or concerns. You can expect a reply within the next 24 hours, at the very latest.

Although your instructor will send out periodic reminders, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of the course’s end date and ensure that you finish it well before it expires.

Although most conversations happen between students and teachers, it’s important to keep in mind that the forums are visible to everyone enrolled in the course. Keep your posts relevant to the thread’s topic; the entire class should not have to wade through your private correspondence. Send and receive private messages via your personal email.

Because this is a flexnet course, your participation and attendance requirements are flexible. The substance of your answers is what I will evaluate most heavily when determining your grades. Neither “attending” nor “checking in” will earn you bonus points. Title The Science Behind Psychology

f. Evaluations:

Examining Each Chapter: Worth Forty Percent

There is a one-point stake on each inquiry. The third and final question calls for deeper analysis. You can get 5 points for it. In responding, please give as much detail as possible. Write in your own words and provide numerous examples from real life. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Grades for Chapter Activities: 15%

In some chapters, you’ll be asked to participate in an exercise. Do each activity exactly as instructed.

Ten percent of your final grade will come from quizzes after each chapter.

These are matching and multiple-choice questions, each worth one point. Both the book and the clock are off limits. They go through an automatic check system. You’ll have immediate access to them for review once you’ve finished. In case you need to review them once more before the Unit Test, feel free to.

Unit Examinations: 35% of Final Grade

Each of the six exams will have 45 multiple-choice questions and three short-answer questions. We’ll pick these at random. A correct answer on a multiple-choice question is worth 1 point, while a short answer is worth 5 points. Automatic grading will be performed for the multiple-choice section. I will be the one to assign grades to your written responses.

There is a 70-minute time limit, and you can only take the exam once. So, give yourself enough time to finish the test in its entirety on the first try. The entire exam must be completed in one sitting, so plan accordingly. Time is of the essence, so give yourself plenty of it. You will be locked out of taking that test again.

*Note that prices may change at any time. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Grades will be calculated as an average of the points earned and the possible points.

A = 90% – 100%

B = 80% – 89%

C = 70% – 79%

D = 60% – 69%

The WebAdvisor GradeBook is where students can view their current grade. After signing into TritonPass, select the WebAdvisor tab, and then select “GradeBook and Attendance” to gain access to the GradeBook. At last, select the course you’re interested in, and hit the submit button.

Work submitted after the due date will not be accepted. All tasks should be finished well in advance of the departure date. You should not put your faith in computers or other technology on the final day. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Working with others in a group can be an efficient way to learn new material. All assignments must be turned in by individual students in their own words. No plagiarized work will be tolerated.

When a student repeats a course, they should expect some variation in the assignments despite their familiarity with the material. Therefore, before resubmitting an assignment, make sure the corrections have been made and the assignment has been completed to satisfaction.

Writing requirements include the use of a word processor, saving your work, and then uploading it. Scanned PDFs are not acceptable. Take care to analyze and articulate your knowledge critically. The only way I can evaluate your progress in this type of course is through your written work, so make sure it’s thorough and easy to understand. Title The Science Behind Psychology

Academic dishonesty is not tolerated and is against the rules of conduct. Submit only original, self-written work. If cheating is discovered, the entire assignment will be nullified. Keep in mind that passing off someone else’s work as your own is just as unethical as passing off your own. No one will get any credit for the missed assignment, and you won’t be able to drop the class.

Technical Notes: m. Documents will be viewed using Microsoft Word. The Works, WordPerfect, etc. file formats may not be compatible with the receiving system. Please use the rich text format (.rtf) to save your document if you are not using Microsoft Word. It is beneficial to start turning in assignments early and finish the course quickly.

That way, any “incompatibility” problems can be addressed before they even become noticeable. These and other computer technology-related issues will not qualify for extensions. Get started right away and keep it up consistently throughout the semester. Title The Science Behind Psychology