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Transfer Of Learning

Transfer Of Learning

Transfer Of Learning

Among the new techniques in zoo management is a concerted effort to make the animals’ environments stimulating and interesting. Each day, before animals are released into the daytime environment, zoo staff hide food items, toys, and other surprises throughout the environment. Assume that a local zoo has asked you to help them create naturalistic learning situations for their primate family collections.

Watch the “Learning Sets” video…

Prepare a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes for zoo managers and caretaker staff on how they might apply the ideas in this video segment on how chimpanzees and humans differ in transfer of learning.

Address the following in your presentation:

  • an explanation of differences between chimpanzees and humans in transfer of learning

Presentation – Transfer of Learning

Create and submit a PowerPoint presentation on what you think is important about the Transfer of Learning.  Explain what it is, concepts such as Sphere of Influence, how to use it in a training course, etc.  Use the tips learned from the course materials (text, presentations) and outside research to create the presentation. The presentation should be approximately 10 slides and follow proper grammar usage. Transfer Of Learning

  CRITERIA Deficient

(0 – 5 Points)

Development Needed to Proficient

(6 – 8 Points)

Proficient to Exemplary

 (9 – 10 Points)

Points Earned

(60 Points)

1. Introduction defining the topic Does not provide an adequate introduction or is missing. Introduction is presented, though may not be clear or complete. Introduction is clearly presented and provides the reader a context for the rest of the response.
2. Theories used and discussed Theories are absent and there is no discussion about how those theories are applied. Theories are addressed, although may be missing key explanation and links to the issues. Theories are fully and appropriately addressed and well explained.
3. Sphere of influence. Influence isn’t mentioned or addressed. Influence is addressed but not fully explained or defended. Influence is addressed and fully defended and explained.
4. 5 components of a learning organization Components not mentioned or addressed in relation to obstacles. Some components mentioned with minimal explanation and connection to obstacles. All components addressed, explained and connected to obstacles.
5. Appropriate citations References and citations missing or formatting does not resemble APA. References and citations are present with some errors. References and citations are present and near perfect.
6. Clear and professional writing and format Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed with minimal slides that are inappropriate and unrelated. Few errors that do not impede professional presentation with minimal slides that are unfocused. Writing and format is clear, professional, and error free with proper amount of knowledgeable slides.
Total Points:

Transfer Of Learning