Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

NURS 6503 Week 5 Discussion


After completing the StrengthsFinder assessment tool, the report revealed that my top five themes were Inclusive, Relevant, Proactive, Achievers, and Focused. , showed that it works best in the evening or after midnight. I find this very true as I often wake up late to get things done. There I find the highest peace. It also says that I usually find qualities in most people I meet that I appreciate. Also, I believe this to be true. Because people believe they come into your life for a reason, a particular season, or a lifetime.

The Relator trait indicates that I enjoy close relationships with others and find deep satisfaction in working hard with my friends to achieve my goals. I tend to develop friendships that hold each other accountable, which ultimately drives us to achieve the goals we set out to achieve.

As a positive person, I am very generous with compliments, put a smile on my face and always look for the positive in every situation.I look at every situation from the positive side. I am a fan of celebrations and believe that everything should be celebrated. and for that I am very grateful.

As the Achiever, this helps explain my drive. I do believe that we all should strive to reach our greatest potential. With this quality, I do believe that something should be marked off the list each day and each day begins at zero. I do feel that if nothing gets done, then I have failed for the day. I have to stop being so critical and relax and live a little more without pressuring myself so much. In the end, I do believe that each day should begin with a set of goals or a list of things/tasks to do. Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

The final strength is Focus. This strength aligns with the strength of Achiever as Focus always has to have a goal in wanting to know “where am I headed”. This is true because I believe that you should always plan. With this plan, it allows me to prioritize and stay on target. I am the one who keeps everyone on tasks. My Focus reminds everyone that if something isn’t helping you achieve your goals, then it must be eliminated.

In conclusion, I feel that these results relate to my leadership traits by of way of setting goals. I do praise my team all of time. When nurses are given praise, it inspires us to continue to do well. I approach each situation with positivity and I allow the team to provide suggestions on how we can make our unit better. I include their thoughts, feelings and consideration for making changes.


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According to the Strengths Finder assessment, my five strengths are learner, achiever, arranger, individualization, and focus. My two core values are integrity and humility. In everything I do, ethics and moral principles come first, and I have to be honest with myself even before being honest with others. There is no substitute for moral uprightness in my way of doing things. Humility allows me to view others in appreciation and value their contribution. As a good nurse leader, it must never be a one-man show, but a collaborative effort (Fischer, 2017).

At the core of my leadership personality is being a learner and an achiever. To me, learning continues in every sphere and every situation. At every chance, I am looking for the lesson and trying to learn from the experience. As such, I enjoy working in teams and finding success together. It goes hand in hand with the achiever theme. Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

Productivity is at the epicenter of this character, seeking satisfaction from working hard and succeeding. Learning and achievement are my main themes, and they come with a great deal of intrinsic motivation. Fischer (2017) posits that one has to always be self-driven in the things they do to achieve excellence and success. Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2

As much as one is a good leader, there are always traces of areas that need strengthening. A leader must keep growing and developing all the time (Crowne et al., Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2 2017). I should improve on my relator and positivity themes. I am concerned about the relator theme because I feel one achieves more in teams than they do individually.

The relator theme helps one get deep satisfaction from working as part of a team, which is why I should work on it. On the positivity theme, it is about being generous with the appraisal for others. As much as I get intrigued by their qualities and work, I am not always quick to point it out. Therefore, I should consider improving on individualization theme so as to complement the positivity theme. Appreciating people sends a deep sense of conviction about their worth to the setup within which they are working (Corder & Ronnie, 2018). It motivates them.

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Week5 NURS 6053 DBQ Student Response 1And 2