Weight Loss Plans Research Paper

Weight Loss Plans Research Paper

Weight Loss Plans Research Paper

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the plans?

There are several methods that are in place by different individuals in order to reduce their weight. Some of the popular ways of reducing an individual include methods like Diet Watch, Medifast Diet, Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle, Organic Diet Pills, Physical Exercises and Personality Type Diet amongst other dietary plans that are applied depending on the choice of the individual.Weight Loss Plans Research Paper This paper highlight the two different types of weight loss plans; instead of, monitoring all these plans and make an evaluation on which one is the most appropriate to be used (May, para.1).

The plans that are discussed are the diet watch and Medifast diet. Diet watch is where the person reducing his/ her weight is keenly monitored. It includes establishing how the feeding habits of the individual Interferes or contribute to the weight loss. In that the individual ways of managing hunger, binges and other dietary things are monitored to ensure that the individual is disciplined in dietary matters (May, para.2). While Medifast is a weight loss program where weight is lost at a faster rate with the use of meal replacements and real food and it’s as prescribed by a physician (Freedieting.com, para.1).Weight Loss Plans Research Paper

The strength of the Diet watch is that its provides the user of this type of weight reduction Program to have a list of choosing the most effective way. the individual chooses the method that he/she feels will be more effective for the necessary weight reduction. This means the individual can choose from the wide range that includes no restriction; where the individual is just subjected to meals that will aim at monitoring the general weight reduction of an individual (May, para.2). Another one is the reduced carbohydrate this is where the individual reduces taking carbohydrates to up to 40%. Another choice is the selection of being a vegetarian where an individual is subjected to strictly vegetables including the use of milk and eggs only for proteins. While the last option is the Mediterranean where there is a plan of reducing the use of fatty foods.

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On the other hand, in Medifast the patient is subjected to a dietary plan that strictly follows a specific pattern of 5 different meals that are arranged in a manner that doesn’t make the patient take in excess of a particular food.Weight Loss Plans Research Paper The patient in the weight loss program is also subjected to taking a lot of water and up to two salad or vegetables taken in as a daily routine (Freedieting.com, para.2).

2. Are there plans you would recommend to a friend or family member?

According to me these two weight loss plans are most applicable ways of weight loss that I would recommend to my friend or family member. They are the most effective to an individual this is because these methods of weight reductions are friendly to the body. The methods require the individual to be in a position of naturally reducing the body weight without the use of toxic substances like organic diet pills such as Zotrim. These substances will have some negative side effects on an individual. These two types of weight loss are more effective as they will ensure the individuals monitors and willingly allow their bodies to transform and the new weight loss that an individual is trying to achieve(Freedieting.com, para.3). Weight Loss Plans Research Paper


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