Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position

Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position

Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position


Create a cover letter for the position of Manager in Training. Keep in mind that each Cover Letter must be tailor-made to each individual job application.

You must use your real name, but you are not required to enter your address, email, or phone number.

Below is the Manager in Training Job Posting for which you submit your Cover Letter: 


Do you aspire to one day lead a group? Do you feel accomplished when you successfully manage others and boost morale and output? Are you prepared to grow in your managerial and business acumen? When you join Career Readiness Solution as a Management Trainee, you’ll get the chance to learn from experienced managers in preparation for a future role in management. The list of your responsibilities and obligations will include, but not be limited to: APA Format


  • Work with and assist managers in planning and directing the work of the organization.
  • In collaboration with management, develop and implement actions that will protect the company’s assets and profitability.
  • Help create and promote workplace policies. Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position
  • Attend management training including classroom instructions, lectures, workshops, etc.
  • Create projects and lead oral presentations.
  • Participate and work in different departments in order to gain full understanding of the organization and its operations.
  • Work closely with other employees in order to evaluate work output.
  • Assist managers with Human Resources functions such as screening, recruiting, interviews, hiring, placement, and training.
  • Conduct market research on price and products and identify trends.
  • Analyze market and business data, and provide managers with recommended solutions to business situations.
  • Handle established accounts and familiarize oneself with sales, gross profit, and inventory activity.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university in Business, Liberal Arts, or other related fields.
  • Exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills in order to interact effectively with leaders, employees, and customers.
  • Track record of the ability to adapt to changing assignments in different departments. Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position

Company Information:

Samantha Taylor, CRS Hiring Manager

Career Readiness Solution, a Division of UCF Psychology

University of Central Florida

Psychology Department

4111 Pictar Lane

Orlando, FL 32816

Part I: Job Posting

Copy and paste a job posting from an online job board for a position in your chosen profession. All subsequent documents should be geared towards this job posting.

Part II: Cover Letter

Cover letter should be in business letter format. Set an appropriate tone with your introduction and state your qualifications as they relate to the job for which you are applying. Edit the letter so that it is no longer than one page (however, a cover letter that is too short will not receive attention either). Be specific, use action verbs, express confidence and enthusiasm without exaggerating or being arrogant, and request further contact in your conclusion. Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position

Part III: Resume

Submit a one-page resume to go along with your cover letter. Make sure your resume is up-to-date, detailed, and very professional. DO NOT merely submit an old resume you have on hand. Review the sample in the textbook for guidance on layout, format, and what to include.

Part IV: Follow up thank you e-mail

This e-mail should be properly formatted and addressed to whoever conducted your imaginary interview. Your e-mail should indicate your enthusiasm for the position, refer back to some aspect of the (imagined) interview, and reinforce a positive impression of your qualifications. End with your contact information. Again, use your readings for this Module to guide you. Write your Cover Letter for the Manager in Training position

Remember that grammatical and typographical errors are a quick way to have your resume discarded. All communication when job searching should be PERFECT!

Format your resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter as you would for use in the business world. APA format is not required; therefore, a title page is also not required.