NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Assignment 1

NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Assignment 1

NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Assignment 1

NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Transitions Paper Guidelines


The purpose of this assignment is to explore a critical concept in nursing. The student will be able to demonstrate application of information literacy and ability to utilize resources (library, writing center, Center for Academic Success [CAS], APA resources, Turnitin, and others) through literature search and writing the paper.Course outcomes: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO 2: Identify characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution.

CO 3: Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize resources.

Due date: Your faculty member will inform you when this assignment is due. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment.Total points possible: 150points

Preparing the assignment

Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions. 1) Locating Evidence

a. Using the Chamberlain University library, search for a recent (published within the last five years) evidence-based article from a scholarly journal that addresses one of the topics listed.•Safety•Delegation•Prioritization•Caring2)Include the following sections. NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Assignment 1

a.Introduction – 20 points/13%•Clearly establishes the purpose of the paper •Includes key points to be covered •Captures the reader’s interest

b. Body of Paper – 60 points/40%•Complete, well-developed discussion of key points•Supports the purpose or main idea of the paper•Logical development of ideas with clear and accurate information•Ideas and statements are supported by three or more examples from personal and/or professional experiences•Provides own perspectives on the topic that is reflective, insightful, and original

c. Conclusion – 30 points/20% •Clear and concise•Summarizes key points discussed in the paper•Leaves a strong impression, message, or idea on the reader

d. Writing Style – 15 point/10%e.Correct use of standard English grammar, paragraph, and sentence structure

f. No spelling or typographical errors

g. Organized around required components

h.Information flows in a logical sequence that is easy for the reader to follow

i. APA Format, and References – 25 points/17% •There is correct and appropriate use of margins, spacing, font, and headers•Document setup includes title and reference pages in correct APA format

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